Hello, I’m Cate, and I’ll be writing the blog for the next couple weeks.  I’m from Boston and go to Nobles, just outside the city.  Recently, I and many other students have been missing fall, but it was great to get a feel for that these past few days.  The temperatures dropped after the hurricane, and a lot of leaves were lost, so we are getting our “fall” down here at The Island School.  To add to the feeling, we celebrated Halloween on Thursday night with a costume contest.  Some of my favorites were teacher impersonations, the Island School “pets”, as well as a throwback to my favorite childhood TV show, Rocket Power.  Thursday night was also the first we were all back together after the hurricane.  K3 returned from Down Island, and K4 from kayak; it is great to be reunited and together again for the rest of the semester! For the students on academic rotations, Thursday was our all-day Research day.  Most groups did not go out in the morning, but we were all able to go out by the afternoon.  My research group, Climate Change, went out with the Bonefish group and after what seemed to be an unsuccessful afternoon, we were able to catch about fifteen bonefish right before we were about to leave!  Friday was our day off, and we spent some time preparing for the haunted house we are putting on for our DCMS buddies tonight.  Everyone is excited for the haunted house, and hope we can pull everything off and live up to last year’s!