Throughout the semester, we will be featuring regular updates about the student experience here at Island School, through the voices of our own students. These "Student Update" reflections will blend stories and experiences from all areas of student life, from academics to adventures, keeping you all posted on meaningful moments that happen here each day. Enjoy our first Student Update of S.13:

Hi, this is Liz Whitson and I want to let you know what has been happening in this hectic first week for the students at Island School. Ashley just told me that our first week here on Eleuthera will be complete tomorrow (Monday) and I cannot believe it; it feels like I have been here so much longer. From adjusting to the new dorm settings and the rigorous schedule already, it is weird that I have only been here for six days. We have had our introductory night classes to the classes we will be taking at Island School and have jumped right into kayak and SCUBA week! K1 and K2 departed Eleuthera on Friday and are expected to come back today! It will be great to see everyone again since we have had so little time to get to know all the students we will be spending all the rest of our time here. K3 and K4 depart tomorrow and the first SCUBA group will all be certified after 3 days of hard work.

I know for me that SCUBA was a completely new experience. But, I absolutely loved it. When we first arrived, I thought the campus was so beautiful and surreal and I wondered how this could even be a school where we learn. The campus is nothing though compared to the beauty of the reefs we have visited these past 2 days. SCUBA went smoothly for me, but I know it was a challenge for some. Our group was amazing to be in everyone was so relaxed and chill and we even got to motor around in our boat called the Mac Daddy! Such an amazing experience so far for only being here for so little.