Hello everyone, this is Liz and I’ll be on blog duties for the next week or so. Yesterday was a day of transition for the students here at Island School. Our academic classes are finally starting today, so the faculty decided it would be a good idea for us to be introduced to this unique activity called Querencia time. With Querencia time we are able to go off on our own anywhere on the cape around the school as long as we stay within our set boundaries. I was really excited for this time because it is a time of reflection on one’s self and honestly is the only time where I was finally and utterly, just by myself. I wanted to make this time really special so I searched for about an hour on my bike trying to find and discover just the right spot. I found some really neat places, but none of them really spoke to me or felt all that special. I discovered this really beautiful spot near sunset beach, a couple in the inner loop, but finally after an hour of biking I realized I was just happy to be on a small section of the beach on Fourth Hole. It is so peaceful there. During this time I was able to write letters, reflect on my journey so far, and just relax on this surreal beach on Eleuthera. Querencia time is unique to every individual, faculty and students alike. For me it was just a time that I could not worry about school work, my relationships with people, or all the intense emotions I felt the first two weeks here. I admit though, I did start to miss my family and friends. I really just want to share with them this amazing journey and opportunity I am living everyday. But at the same time I realized that I do have people who care about me here who I am sharing this experience with. This much needed time really helped me just unwind and realize that I am meant to be here, on Eleuthera, at Island School. I cannot wait for Querencia time again; it was fabulous and a great time for reflection. And now we jump headfirst into our academic weeks.