Each week, a group of students is selected for their unique potential as leaders to come together as the 5 student Cacique Council, “Cacique” meaning leader in ancient Lucayan. During that week, the group will plan special activities for their peers, run morning and evening circles, facilitate communication between students and faculty, and fulfill other important roles as needed. Members of the council are welcomed into the new role during Community Meeting, in which a public acknowledgement of each individual’s leadership qualities is read aloud. Enjoy these “Cacique Pass-Offs” written by last week's Cacique Council. Join us in welcoming the next group of young leaders: Madeleine, Tiger, George, Matt, and Sally. Throughout the past two weeks, Madeleine has taken each adventure with a positive outlook inspiring others to do the same. She is a model for her fellow classmates during all activities and a bright smile lights up her face regardless of what she may be doing. On scuba week she was not permitted to participate in the scuba diving, and instead went snorkeling. However, Madeline was not upset about her situation. She instead jumped into the water with a big smile, leading others as she went.  Whether it’s doing dishes in the kitchen or completing our crazy physcos at 7am, she brings joy to every experience.  This unselfish leader inspires others to find the good in every situation and her unconditional love radiates continually. I am honored and pleased to welcome Madeleine into the next Caciques Council!

This Island School student expresses the true definition of being a member here. His hard work and dedication makes him a great role model for others. He is diligent with his work and whatever he does. Since day one he has never hesitated to participate I events and activities. His lively personality makes him a wonderful person to be around. His thoughtful words show that he cares about others and the community as a whole. Thus, I am honored to make Tiger a new Cacique leader.

George is an active participant in everything we do and has pushed himself beyond expectations by doing additional workouts in his free time. He is always willing to lend a helping hand as he showed while helping mop the boys dorm between lunch and his next class. As a vocal leader, he is enthusiastic and tries to get others to follow his example; I am proud to have George succeed us as one of the new Casiques.

I have the honor and privilege to elect one of my peers as the next cacique. The student that I have chosen is a quiet, yet influential leader in the community. He always has a light-hearted joke in mind, but gets serious when he knows it is time to get work done. Whether it is offering support and advice free diving or lending a helping hand with fixing bikes, he is always there. One important leadership characteristic that I noticed that Matt does especially well is that he is not afraid to voice his opinion. I know that he will make a very beneficial leader in the community here at The Island School. Can everyone please help me welcome Matt to the next Cacique Council!

Sally has been a wonderfully infectious source of good attitude and support throughout the past three weeks. Her willingness to work through her initial discomfort with SCUBA diving and being an undying positive influence on our 3-day kayak trips was just the beginning.  Even while facing personal challenges, whether it be an injury or a bout of homesickness, Sally never fails to smile through it and look on the bright side. She seems to take everything lightly, giving her an air of cheerfulness even in times of stress. She is a model for how all us should face personal challenges, with a hopeful outlook. Her infectious smile and laugh have graced almost every corner of theIslandSchool. Congratulations Sally for being on the next Cacique Council.