We just experienced another special weekend! On Saturday we had classes in the morning and our very first settlement day in the afternoon. Settlement day is a part of our histories class, where we travel to one of the settlements on Eleuthera and interview the people who live there. Within my group of three, Sally, Peter, and I walked from door to door, hoping a friendly face would open up! Although we experienced a few shut downs, most people were more than happy to answer our questions about Eleuthera. The first house we came across was bright green and looked very welcoming! So we knocked and a petite elderly women open up. She kindly greeted us and allowed us to interview her inside of her living room. Being born and raised in Deep Creek, she had much to say about South Eleuthera and how it has changed over the years. She shared bits about her childhood, and how she believed life was much tougher back then. It was really nice to hear her say that she believes things have only improved in Deep Creek. Every group had a different experience, some spending hours with one family and some getting the chance to interview six or more. Overall, it was an awesome experience to get to know the culture and lives of the members of the communities that we are living so close to. On Saturday night the Caciques organized a bonfire on the beach. Before the sunset, all the students played games and ran around in the sand. Eventually, we all gathered around the singular fire. Tiger and Zach got out their guitars and began to play. It was a relaxed and calming setting. I felt a sensed a feeling of appreciation of this place and community around the bonfire as we listened to the boy’s light strumming. Then George led the entire group in “Wagon Wheel” which was my personal favorite moment of the night because I did not know the George was a singer, and the whole song ended up being really beautiful. Once the marshmallows came out the songs trailed off and we all enjoyed each other’s company and marshmallow toasting skills. It was a wonderful night because all 48 of us got to relax and enjoy the close bonds we have already formed within these last three weeks.

Sunday was filled with options, from going to play Basketball or going on a free dive with Chris Maxey! All the students were very excited to meet him, and you could feel his positive energy in the morning circle. And now after a great weekend, we are all energized for another week of classes.