If someone had told me a month ago that In one day I would be running five miles, eating sugar cane on a farm, and joining team japan for a world cup soccer game all in one day, I would have told them they were insane. But, believe it or not, that has exact scenario has become a reality for me. Thursday morning, we were woken up to the always delightful anticipation for our five mile run. We had the option of running five or three miles; I chose five. After finishing our morning workout, I hopped in a van with the rest of my Human Ecology class and followed Joseph, our on and off campus farmer, to his farm in Deep Creek. There, he taught us all about agriculture on the island and how it has changed in the last few decades. We also got to sample some of his delicious produce right there off the vine. I tried sugar cane, tomatoes, corn, green beans, and so much more I can’t even remember. Then, we broke into our different Community Outreach groups and did some research about our specific topics, mine being Shadeism. All students have been paired with a buddy from Deep Creek Middle School to work on or research specific topics: Shadeism, Diabetes, Cancer, or Community Building. I have been paired with Solomon, a 13 year old Deep Creek Middle School member who is very passionate about the topic of Shadeism and spreading awareness for it. Shadeism is the somewhat controversial topic dealing with skin color and how it is viewed. History has made some believe that a lighter skin tone is more beautiful. Many people with darker shaded skin will use bleaching creams or beauty products to make their skin lighter. Some of these products, however, are incredibly unhealthy and potentially dangerous to use. Our goal is to educate people about this topic and make them see that their own skin is beautiful.

Then, many of us sat in anticipation for the most exciting part of the afternoon: World Cup. Every advisory group split into different teams and competed against each other. Our team spirit rose as we trekked over to sunset beach to battle it out for the top prize: The Island School World Cup Coconut Trophy. Every team fought until the very end, and although our team didn't win, we definitely had the best style, rocking tank tops and headbands showing off the rising sun flag of Japan. Israel walked away with the top prize, beating Germany in the final round. Every day, I find a new adventure here at Island School, and I’m sure it will continue over the next couple months.