Hello! My name is Willis Zetter, and I am a sophomore down here at The Island School. I will be taking care of the student updates for the next week. On that note, Friday the 29th was a great day. Students started off with a relaxed morning exercise of either yoga or Ultimate Frisbee, their choice. Yoga with Brady and Emma was a great way to stretch and unwind, and Ultimate Frisbee was a lot of fun. Some previously unseen talent was unleashed on both sides. After breakfast, we had our weekly community meeting, in which the Caciques led an activity called “Four Faces.” We split up into groups, and shared four experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today, as well as moments that have shaped our Island School community. One that stuck out for me was the students’ singing around the bonfire the weekend before. It was a great activity that brought the whole school together. The following afternoon was filled with research and classes, but the days highlight had to be dinner and the movie. For Good Friday, Chef Emory and the kitchen staff cooked a wonderful dinner of whole fried fish, head and all! While I can’t say I tried one, Michael Mahacek says their eyeballs were delicious. Dinner was followed by a Human Ecology night class, in which we watched the eye-opening documentary Food Inc. After learning about the sustainably and organically grown food that The Island School purchases, produces, and gives to the community, I found it appalling to learn what the American food industry feels the need to hide from us. While I can’t speak for other students, it was an incredible movie that personally changed my view on the food industry. It was a great day, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trip to the Rock Sound homecoming.