Yesterday morning another student and I had the opportunity to lead a run swim!  We got to pick what route we wanted to do, and improvise along the way as we swam and ran all throughout the cuts.  We took our group off triangle cut a few times, did planks in the sand, and treaded water as a group in water polo cut. It was challenging to lead everyone in these exercise, but it was a lot of fun to pick what we would have the group do next! In the morning we had Community Meeting, where were met in advisories to discuss each other’s qualities.  We all shared things we saw in each other, that one individual might not see in themselves.  The exercise was a great opportunity to strengthen the trust in our advisory and share what we valued in each other.  At the end of the meeting, the new Caciques were announced, which is always very thrilling to hear! Before lunch we had our research classes, where we all discussed and practiced our presentations that we will be making in front of the whole community on Monday.  These presentations introduce everyone to what each group has been researching and why our research is important.  I am looking forward to hearing from all the students about their own work on Monday!

During History class in the afternoon, we had an in-depth harkness discussion on race.  Throughout the discussion, difficult and even sensitive subjects were examined, but each student talked with a respectful manner.  We had a very engaging conversation while maintaining a mature perspective on it all. I am very impressed and grateful for everyone’s attitude and contributions that were brought to the table throughout the harkness.  The conversations that we have, like the History harkness and the advisory discussions, are very unique to The Island School.  They demonstrate the trust that is expressed here between students and faculty, and it is a gratifying thing to be a part of.  It is truly something that cannot be found everywhere!

During exploration time, a group of students headed over to Sunset and Fourth Whole Beach to relax in the sun, snorkel around the patch reefs, and free dive at Saddle. It was a great day to be out in the sun with friends, while exploring the water life of Eleuthera!