(As many of you know, this is an expeditionary period for Island School. And, in the spirit of such, we are entering a three day period where there will be no students on campus! All four groups will either be on a Kayak trip or else their Down Island Trip. Consequently, we will not have any student updates until this upcoming Saturday. Standby for that and look forward to the incredible stories that will come out of the next week!) On Saturday morning, we all woke up at 4:15 AM to head to Harbor Island for the 5-mile walk/run in support of breast cancer. It was barely dawn when we began the run –the full moon shone brightly as the sun began to rise. There was some confusion during the race: we all thought we were running a 5K rather than 5 miles, so we kept running and running, expecting to reach and not understanding why it was taking so long. It wasn’t until we were done, that we realized the run was actually 5 miles. Regardless, the run was beautiful, and it was nice to be out in the settlement supporting Cancer research. Cancer is a huge problem here; the Bahamas is a leading country in hereditary breast cancer.

Anyways, our academic rotations have come to an end. The past couple of days were very long, and full of literature harknesses, math tests, and histories discussions. We finished our Human Ecology intensives today and presented to the class with our group videos on the individual subjects. It was really interesting to hear the different things everyone had done. In Research, we have gotten to the point where we are analyzing our data to form conclusions.  K1 is coming back from their kayak trip today, and I can feel the anticipation in the dorm for the reunion! That also means that we (K3 & K4) have to start getting ready for our down-island and kayak rotations. I am both nervous and really excited for the upcoming experience!