Get caught up on what your fellow Island School alumni have been up to lately! If you want to send in an update, email SPRING 1999:

Class Agent: Joshua Lichtman

FALL 1999:

Class Agent: Lee Taylor

SPRING 2000:

Class Agent: Monique Johnson

Mike Brown is in the process of moving to Charlotte, NC with his wife Liz and their puppy McKenna. He is starting a new product management job and looking to move from a small apartment to an actual house. Mike looks forward to changing things up and try out a new city and hopes to catch up with fellow Island Schoolers passing through the Charlotte area! Ryan Eavey is pedicabbing in Boston, Austin, and New Orleans. He is also working at Hubway this summer. Monique Johnson is in the process of applying to business school and is looking forward to the summer. Suzy Newbury is finishing up her Ph.D. She got to see Andy Monk in LA this past fall, and spent some quality time with Chris, Pam, and Christian at Francesca Forrestal's wedding. Fun times! Elizabeth Rosenberg is still in NYC, living downtown and working in merchandising for J. Crew. Elizabeth and her mother, Dee, went on a girls surfing trip to Costa Rica in March which was really fun. In a few weeks, they are going away with her father to Greece and Turkey in a few weeks which should also be a cool adventure! She loves living in the Big Apple but not curing any diseases quite yet...Abby (Jenkins) Watson moved to Madison, Wisconsin with her husband in 2012 but recently moved back to Portland, Oregon. She workw for a cycling apparel company called Rapha and spends most of her free time cycling.

FALL 2000:

Class Agent: Richard Woodhull

Andrew Thaler received his PhD in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University last August and is currently teaching an environmental communications class through the Duke Environmental Leadership program. He was also part of the team that recently discovered the world's deepest hydrothermal vents in the Cayman Trough. Gretchen Goodrich recently got married to Andrws Curtis on July 1 2012, and is moving from China to Indonesia to teach Middle School Science & Math at Jakarta International School. Kristi Rudick is working as a pediatric nurse practitioner at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the Department of Urology. Richard Woodhull is getting his MBA at GW while also working as an Impact Investing Associate for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the US Government’s development finance agency. Shira Gasarch recently switched coasts and moved out to San Francisco to start a new job.

SPRING 2001:

Class Agent: Nina Kumar

FALL 2001:

Class Agents: Meg Bunn, Mary Coleman Farrell

Mary Coleman Farrell lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Stuart, her 4 month old son, Thomas, and her Bichon Frise, Pete. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and volunteer with the Junior League of Washington and her alma maters. Gracie Payne currently lives in Gainesville, FL where she has worked for the University of Florida for the past three years. During her free time, she enjoys gardening, riding horses, and playing banjo. She also picked up a second job serving in a local bistro. Ryan Levhin-Coon lives in Austin, TX and has been hosting a lot of couchsurfers through He offers any of our classmates a place to stay if they are ever in Austin. His couchsurfing profile is: Naeny is in the process of finishing his Masters of Professional Science in Aquaculture at the University of Miami. He is currently working at Open Blue Sea Farms in Panama in their hatchery taking care of live feed production and larval rearing of cobia. Ana Metghalchi lives in London where she works as a Merchandiser for Burberry. Amory Bliss got married to her husband, Andrew, in August 2011. They just bought their first home in Norwood, MA. Amory teaches 2nd grade in Newton, MA and is in her fifth year of teaching. She reports that life is good! Meg Bunn lives in New York City and is in her 6th year of working for the J.P. Morgan Private Bank. She currently works at The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan where she runs the donor advised fund program. She is a member of the Alumni Advisory Board for Island School and a co-class agent for Fall ’01. Alex Proelss lives in Boston and works for Sperry Top-Sider as a brand manager. The company's Passion for the Sea has allowed her to stay engaged with ocean activation through a partnership with United by Blue. For every t-shirt sold in the capsule collection they clean up a pound of trash from the sea or coastline. They’ve done 5 clean ups in the past year and cleaned up over 30K lbs of trash. Outside of work she is continuing to enjoy Boston's spring and training for her second Tough Mudder obstacle course.

SPRING 2002:

Class Agent: Please contact if you're interested in volunteering to be a Class Agent!

FALL 2002:

Class Agents: Mike Cortina, Sara Rodell

Mike Cortina still stays involved with Island School regularly and enjoys the yearly trips to eleuthera with the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB). He’s currently living in Washington DC and looking forward to summer on the Jersey Shore. Arshia Rassi is in her second year of medical school in Philadelphia. Right now, her life is consumed with studying for boards but once those are over in a few weeks she will start clinical rotations and is super excited about having the chance to see real patients. Everton Joseph is based in Richmond running an ecological landscape design company, Blue Skies Ecoscaping. After graduating from Trinity College in 2008, Allie Echeverria joined the Teach For America New York corps and taught 4th and 5th grades in Brooklyn and the Bronx for three years. Allie joined Teach For America full-time staff in 2011 and is now the Manager, New Site Development. Her team is responsible for creating new TFA regions around the country and she absolutely loves her work. Allie is also a long-distance runner. She has completed three marathons, three 50Ks, and ran her first 50 miler on May 4. Nina Sherburne is teaching at Hoya Kids Learning Center at Georgetown University. She is also getting involved with food justice initiatives, urban gardening groups, and fossil fuel divestment campaigns. Oliver La Farge is currently a crew member aboard a boat in Croatia. For the next two months, he will be cruising to Greece and Turkey.

SPRING 2003:

Class Agent: Melissa Buck

Greg Henkes is in his final year(s) of a doctoral program in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Erin, and they are currently planning a wedding for this fall. Greg was recently in Hawaii for an archaeology conference, but spends most of his time either in the laboratory or horsing around with his two dogs, Ruby and Nepal. Brenna Hughes is in Chicago and in her first year of medical school. She is loving it and if anyone makes it to the midwest for work or fun, she wants you to give her a call! Alexandra Penny is still living and working in NYC. She runs into fellow S'03er Ali Hoffman from time to time. Ali Hoffman is living in NYC and working in sales at BlackRock, where she frequently runs into Andrew Gough (S'04). She got to watch bunkie Courtney Terrell Lemmon walk down the aisle last May, and is looking forward to being a bridesmaid for Logan Morris'swedding next June. She is also hoping that Diana Wade won't spend all her time "dormir"-ing when she is home for a month this summer from her adventures in Paris. Hey Neighbs! Courtney Terrell Lemmon graduated last spring with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She and her husband Jon got married May 12, 2012 (happy anniversary Court!) in Cleveland, OH and moved to the Bay Area that fall. Courtney works as an in-home mental health therapist with at-risk kids and her husband works for Oracle. They love San Francisco and were excited to attend a SF IS alumni event right when they got out there! She also randomly ran into Sam Rudd and Tom Sterling the month they moved out there. What a small world! Melissa Buck is working at Hill Holliday, an advertising agency, in Boston where she works on the Bank of America account. Work keeps her traveling around the globe (literally!) with trips so far this year to LA, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Charlotte, and New York. She was thrilled to get to see Ali Hoffman recently during one of her trips to the Big Apple. This summer she'll be traveling to Detroit, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago so be sure to let her know if you're living in any of those areas! Taylor Voorhees is working on his research at URI - yellowfin and bluefin tuna physiology.  He'll be defending his thesis by next May.  He's also in the planning stages of developing a small-scale aquaculture operation at a girls' school in Tanzania that his sister (Jessie, Sp06) taught at.  And, of course, he's surfing as much as he can! Kelsey Jones is living in Maine on the island where she grew up, and in typical island fashion, she has a variety of jobs and activities to keep her busy. She is doing some childcare, coaching middle school and high school cross-country, working with the community theater and music programs, performing with various musical ensembles, and this summer will begin a graduate course in Expressive Arts Therapy through Lesley University. Sky Feuer moved to England in 2010 to get a masters in genetics from University of Cambridge. According to Sky, the masters quickly turned into an excuse to live in Europe and travel to fun places like Lithuania, Corsica, and Russia. In the fall of 2011, Sky moved to San Francisco to start her PhD in biomedical sciences with a focus on reproductive biology at UCSF. Jen Boone Purviance had a baby! John Boone Purviance (future IS class of Spring 2029) was born September 8th. Jen, her husband, and baby Boone are living in Casper, WY. They welcome guests anytime! Keenan Grayson is living in Columbia, SC and working as Director of Membership at the SC Pharmacy Association. She passes along news of her fellow S'03ers from South Carolina... apparently Tommy Andrews is living in California "doing something with acting or modeling" and Jacob Rice's dad was elected to Congress in this past election! Samantha Ashley Demartino recently left her job working at the World Bank in DC in the Sustainable Development department to start a PhD in the UK. She is in the Economics development program but looking at how to incentivize behavior toward conserving the environment, with a focus in East Africa. She continues to consult for development organizations on the side, but is enjoying being a student again. She also recently became a trained yoga teacher and is looking to bring the practice to outside communities. Brookes Moody got her MFA in creative writing last year at The New School in NYC. She wrote her thesis partially on Derek Walcott and how the concept of place operates in his work. Just recently Brookie launched an online poetry magazine with a friend ( She also got her 100-ton captain's license and is living on a boat (I mean, are any of us surprised?) in CT working in marketing for a marina group. Diana Wade will be celebrating four years in Paris come September. She's been teaching English in a bilingual school for the last three years, and working one or two nights a week in a lively bar. May has been a big month for Diana-- first trip to the beautiful island of Corsica and she signed a lease on a new apartment with her beau of two years. Brenna Leath earned her Masters of Arts in English with a focus in Film Studies in 2012 from North Carolina State University, where she wrote her Capstone project on the influence of punk style in queer cinema. Since graduating, she's been working at NC State Libraries managing services in their Digital Media Lab. Outside of work she's spending a lot of time on her music and performing with her band The Hell No (( In 2013, Brenna has been focusing a lot on her fitness goals; so far in 2013, she has raced in her first triathlon and competed in the Reebok Crossfit Games Open. Brenna hopes to travel more this year too; she leaves for Miami and a 7-day Caribbean cruise next week! Skye Miller started her Master's Degree in Natural Resource Management at The University of the West Indies in Barbados and is excited to be back at CEI conducting fieldwork through the end of this year!

FALL 2003:

Class Agents: Kate Parizeau, Kylie King Ebbutt

Katherine O’Koniewski (Mel) has been working in MA/DC politics since graduating from Northwestern in June 2009. She worked on Elizabeth Warren's campaign as her Deputy Finance Director and is now working on Katherine Clark's Congressional campaign as her Finance Director. She is likely heading back to school in the fall for a JD/MBA program. Julian Gonzalez is in his last semester of law school at Catholic University in Washington D.C., looking for a job as an environmental lawyer post-graduation. He wants everyone Fall ‘03 to know that the nickname "Hoo" has stuck all throughout high school, college, and now law school! Maggie Crosland graduated from Bowdoin with a degree in art history in 2010, and directly after graduation moved to London to do her Masters in art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she graduated in 2011. Maggie stayed in London for another year and then she was accepted to a position at the Getty in LA and moved there last September. She loves my job and feels very fortunate to be able pursue a career as an art historian. She will definitely be in LA until September and then she will likely be back either on the East Coast or in England! Mary Sugiyama graduated from Alma College, Alma, MI in 2010 with a BA in Education and a BFA in Art and Design. She has been working at Walker's Point Center for the Arts in Milwaukee, WI for almost 3 years now. Mary is a non-profit arts administrator and also teaches art classes and residencies throughout the city. She just bought my first house back in October, so she plans to be in Milwaukee for a while! Right now it's just Mary and her dog Rufio--enjoying Lake Michigan, Wisconsin winters, short commutes to Chicago, and summers in the city of beer and festivals. Camden Hauge is currently in Shanghai after her company transferred her there from the London office, where I had worked for 2 years after she graduated from University of St Andrews (Scotland). Camden works in advertising for Saatchi & Saatchi. Ali Howard actually moved to London just before Camden moved to China (worst timing!) but they still got to pal around a bit before she left. So far, Camden is loving Shanghai! Ali Howard was transferred to London a year ago with Yelp to open up their first international office and she is managing a sales team here. Ali reports life is good and full of royalty, cricket, tea, and grey skies. She will be moving to Brooklyn this summer to help out with our NYC office and looks forward to being back in the US. Chrissie Wallace a trauma nurse at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in the Emergency Department in Myrtle Beach, SC. She also coach a little girls soccer team on the side. John Fitzpatrick graduated from Lawrence University in 2010 with a degree in History. He also wrestled for my college's team. He got involved with the YMCA and the YMCA Outdoor education Program and has been travelling the country teaching Environmental Education to kids. John worked for a year in the San Juan Islands and has spent the last two years working in Greenville, SC. He is currently looking to move to San Diego to work at one of the largest YMCA camps in the country. Kylie King Ebbutt graduated from Valparaiso University in Indiana with a BA in Secondary Education and English. She got married last July to her husband Dan and they spent their honeymoon back on Eleuthera! They just bought our first home in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she teaches 8th grade. Chris Scott is a social worker working with previously homeless and low income Veterans of all ages and branches in New York. It's awesome, but also tiring. Chris is about to get her Masters in Social Work in May. She just had an amazing vacation with Tim Hoisington in Nicaragua where he's doing the Peace Corps. He is in I am in the environment sector where he teaches environmental science in the primary schools and he hopes to be starting different environmental projects in the community soon. He will be creating a school nursery with the kids, school garden, and compost...PCULT! He has been there about 7 months and still has about 1 year 7 months left. Travis Yates is finishing his AA in forestry and wildlife management this spring in Georgetown, SC. Then he will be working at Eden Hall Plantation in Greenwood, SC through the summer as a wildlife manager and forestry intern. In the fall, he is going to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Amanda Frew works for The Artist Book Foundation, in New York, publishing monographs and catalogue raisonnés of contemporary artists. She is currently fundraising to establish a program of donation of art books to underserved libraries. Liz Kistler is in her first year of medical school at the University of Rochester. It has been really wonderful. She says she took her time getting here; she only decided I wanted to go into medicine after I finished undergraduate. Liz lived in Thailand for a while after she graduated, working in HIV advocacy, then lived in Maine for a bit before doing all of her pre-med coursework in 12 months. She says it was tough, but it got her to where she wants to be! Lindsay Miller has been working in the Hunt/Fish and Military/Tactical division of Under Armour since she graduated, and she loves it! It has introduced her to a whole world in the Outdoors - learning to hunt has been a great addition to her long list of hobbies! Miles McAlpin was in southeast Asia working at a couple NGOs and doing some freelance video work. Then he moved back to Boston where he have been working for an online clothing retailer while working to get his own line off the ground. Miles will be leaving Boston soon to either get back into teaching or finally put his environmental studies degree to work. Dana Gulley I graduated from UVM in 2010 and was a Congressional National Parks fellow for 6 months working at Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island and on Capitol Hill. She has been working at Riverkeeper as their Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator for the past 2 years. They are an environmental non-profit that has been cleaning up the Hudson River and protecting NYC's drinking water since 1966. She absolutely loves it there. Dana just got a kayak last week and is looking forward to lots of kayaking on the Hudson River this summer! She also is applying to law school this fall and hopes to end up at the University of Washington in Seattle come fall 2014. Phil Arias passed away on October 23, 2012, leaving behind his family, his daughter Sophie (who is now 18 months) and his wife. He was a terrific Husband and Father and he was loving life. He talked about The Island School in some capacity in almost every conversation we have ever had; he loved you guys dearly and appreciated the impact you had on his life. Hopefully Sophie and I can make it down to Eleuthera one day, and I'd love nothing more than for her to go there. Thanks for keeping me included in the group. Stay in touch! (Written by Philip's wife, Shannon Arias) Brie Spinetto works at an ad agency that's putting a really awesome stake in the ground around sustainability marketing and their capabilities and passion for it. It's a super hot topic that hasn't really found it's way into the ad/marketing industry in a mainstream way yet, and is something that's apparent in all of their clients, so now they get to showcase their EE marketing ability to all audiences and have it be a core capability which is AWESOME. Sophie Danforth has been living in Wyoming the past few years, biking and skiing as much as she can. This summer she will be heading to nursing school at Johns Hopkins. Katherine Cissel moved to NYC in the fall because she got a job at Hirschl & Adler Galleries - an art gallery in Midtown. Before that she was managing a small start up art gallery in Southport, CT for three years. Katherine likes what she's doing, but is always seeking new adventures - traveling new places, cooking new dishes, drawing new things, finding new fun ways to work out - "psycho-esque". She is keeping her life interesting and appreciating what she has! Connor Boals graduated from UVM. Did some writing. Then went to Columbia Journalism School. Did some more writing. Picked up a camera. Moved to Guatemala. Made some videos. Moved back to NYC. Brooklyn this time (Ali, let's hang out when you get here). He's been working in online news video for a while. Just left Reuters to take a new job with NowThis News, a new startup. Connor tries to travel whenever he can. As of September, Emily Zuckerman is living in Paris, working and training in a circus apprenticeship program at Academie Fratellini. It's a 3-year program, with only 24 apprentices in total, mostly from around Europe. Emily's specialty is aerial rope, but she also works in acrobatics, theater, dance, and writing. When Emily grows tired of living European-style she is planning to bring a full length circus-theater show back to the US, so stay tuned! Christopher Fernander is in his last year of my contract with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force military. He has had the privilege to train and work with various branches of the US militaries and law enforcement agencies, and different Caribbean forces. Now he is in a vocational college in Bahamas doing a course on land base welding. Next year he will be heading to Holland College in Canada to complete my certification in commercial diving. From there he doesn't know what is next, but he looks forward to taking a break from island life. Austen Levihn-Coon is coming up on 4 1/2 years here in Washington, DC where he found himself after graduating from Middlebury College and working on President Obama's '08 campaign in Warren, MI and then Fayetteville, NC. He has transitioned from grassroots campaigning to online campaigns and facilitating the use of technology for social justice. He currently works with a small company called Fission Strategy focused on creative uses of technology to support campaigns and organizations such as Define American, ONE, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, JStreet, and Power of Wind. Austen develops campaign strategies and manage the creation of websites, Facebook Apps and Mobile Apps. Caitlin Gerrity is still living in Hong Kong and loving Asia! She will probably live out here for another 2 years at least. She left her job at Credit Suisse at the end of February to take a position with Macquarie, an Australian bank. She has three months in between jobs so Caitlin has been making the most of the time off! Among other travels, Caitlin is just coming to the close of 2 weeks in Singapore where she did an Ashtanga Teacher Training course with Chuck Miller - it was an incredible experience and really changed the way she thinks about yoga, and may have planted the seed to actually teach it some day. For the past year my boyfriend Max (who she met in HK) has been living in Tokyo, so Caitlin has been lucky enough to spend lots of time exploring Japan which is a really incredible, though sometimes truly crazy, country. He is moving back to Hong Kong today though, so they are very excited to be in the same city again!  Caitlin gotten pretty into CrossFit over the past two years and is actually how she met Max! Their gym in HK, CrossFit Asphodel, has qualified a team for the 2013 CrossFit Games Asia regionals, so she will likely be traveling to Seoul at the end of May to compete with the team and is excited for a fun challenge. John Wood left college and became a cage fighter for two years, but it wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be. He has been the conditioning coach for the team and they have been introduced to psycho workouts. Now John is trying to become a SEAL. He already has his ticket to BUDS, 2 months in boot camp, 7 weeks at pre BUDS, 6 months at BUDS, and 6-18 months at SQT. Catherine Klem graduated from Middlebury in 2010 and spent the next 2.5 years living in western Mass. and working for Overland leading hiking and biking trips in the summer and doing logistics, marketing, web design etc. during the rest of the year. This January she moved out to Colorado where she is a math apprentice at the High Mountain Institute (there's a priceless pic of high school Emily Zuckerman and Sophie Danforth on the wall where I live). She is loving teaching classes, skiing, mountain biking, running and competing in tris as much as she can. Most importantly, Catherine just accepted a job to be a math teacher at The Island School starting this fall! Which means she will be moving to Eluethera in August and will have couch space with all of your names on it should anyone want to visit! Kate Parks Scheafer is married (but still 'Kateparks' and still oddly sign most things KP) and is living in Dallas, TX. Her husband is in PA school here so they moved last May. After working in advocacy in Charleston, she couldn't quite find a compatible environmental group in Dallas so she transitioned to teaching and is working in a public school. She teaches Biology and Environmental Systems (and is learning spanish from her students). Education is a whole other beast of policies and politics but she is learning a lot... and her high schoolers keep her on her toes! After graduating in 2009, Ella Stiler-Cote moved to Austin, Texas where she taught Kindergarten for 3 years. She absolutely loved Austin and teaching, but really missed New England. So, about a year ago, Ella moved to New York with her dog and bought a little house in Westchester county, which is outside of the city. She started grad school last fall and is working on a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education. Currently, Ella is teaching children of all ages in a hospital setting, most of whom are oncology patients or undergoing transplants so she is learning a lot about the medical field. Working with this population of students every day puts her life into perspective! Trygg Danforth went to Yale to play baseball and graduated in 2010. He played well enough in college that he was fortunate enough to be drafted by his home town squad, the Boston Red Sox, in the 2010 draft after he graduated. Trygg ended up playing Minor league baseball for two seasons and had an amazing experience, met a lot of awesome people, including some big leaguers, and made a ton of memories.  After he "retired" at the young age of 24, he moved to DC and worked for Trout Unlimited for almost a year, got a dog, and played a lot of softball on the national mall trying to relive the glory days. Last summer Trygg moved up to Baltimore to work as an analyst for a company called Ecosystem Investment Partners. Long story short, his company invests in large scale wetland, stream and endangered species habitat restoration projects all over the country which provide high quality offsets to developers who are required to offset their wetland, stream, ES habitat impacts. Since graduating from Dickinson in 2009, Lindsey Wakeman Officer has lived in NYC. In college, she interned at Cosmopolitan and was fortunate enough to start her career at Harper's BAZAAR magazine. She has been working in the marketing department ever since, copywriting and managing video production on the business side. She got married to my husband--Dan Officer--in August 2011 and can hardly believe it's almost been two years. They both love to travel and take advantage of the Big Apple.

SPRING 2004:

Class Agents: Bekah Klarr, Candice Springs

FALL 2004:

Class Agents: Patrick DiLoreto, Katie Garratt, Jennifer Groverman

Cassie Nemzoff has been living in the NYC area since graduation from NYU in 2010. After a (poor) decision to move to Hoboken for a year, she is now living in Midtown. For the last 2.5 years Cassie has been at PwC doing healthcare consulting predominantly locally (a lot of reform-oriented work). Fall 2004 is everywhere! In the last 2.5 years she also managed to run into Lucy Minott in Union Square and SoHo, Katie Garratt on the PATH train, Kelley Gates in the East Village, and Kate Gibson on Madison Avenue! Kate is currently living in NYC, and is lucky to see several Fall 04'ers and other IS alumni on a consistent basis. She is currently in transition at work and is set to start at a new job at WebMD as a digital healthcare account manager in early May. Kate is very excited to be returning to Eleuthera in late June and will be staying on campus for a weekend. She plans to run the loop, jump off of high rock, and consume as many conch fritters as possible! Cam Powel is still working in alumni relations and development for The Island School out of the Boston office, alongside Hannah Mauck. Cam recently became an aunt and is looking forward to spending time with her niece and the rest of her family this summer for her sister's wedding in northern Michigan. But first, she has to tackle her very first Tough Mudder in June. Julie Harwood attended the Coast Guard Academy following her graduation from Lawrenceville in 2007. She has been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and will be transferring this summer and starting her new job as the Executive Officer of the USCGC BERNARD WEBBER out of Miami, FL. Julie has had a great tour in Newport, RI on CGC JUNIPE, where she is currently located. She traveled to the Arctic for a 2 month patrol and helped with Hurricane Sandy response but she is extremely excited for her new job. Taylor Fargo is currently working as an AmeriCorps member for the Sierra Nevada Alliance's Sustainable Sierra Communities Program and living in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Her term concludes in September, after which she plans on pursuing a career in environmental consulting and potentially attending graduate school in 2014.

SPRING 2005:

Class Agents: Jane Kinney, Peter Meijer

Erica Stine is currently living and working as a designer in New York City. She started her own business, Turul NYC, that designs and builds limited edition furniture from antique (and reclaimed) materials. Erica often sees Lauren Wilson who has been living in NYC since she has returned from the Far East. Lauren is entering the profession of a "slasher” (writer/personal assistant/urban farmer etc.) and missing all the island school folks! Lauren occasionally crosses paths with Peter in Manhattan. After graduating from Columbia in May of 2012, Peter Meijer is currently working in the veteran service community in New York. He is on the Board of Directors of Student Veterans of America and also serves as Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for Team Rubicon, a nonprofit disaster response and humanitarian aid organization that mobilizes veterans to respond to crises. Peter deployed with Team Rubicon to South Sudan to work in refugee camps this past fall before coming home to New York in time for Hurricane Sandy. Before, during, and after Sandy Peter worked full time with other veterans preparing evacuation shelters, conducting search and rescue, and coordinating volunteer cleanup crews for months after the storm. He also recently joined the Board of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation and is excited to represent recent-ish alumni as CEF looks towards the future. Alex Winterbottom Smith is also living in New York where she is an Assistant Buyer at Bloomingdale's. Alec Faggen has transitioned out of her previous job working as the business development manager for the Drucker Institute. She will start medical school in August at Cornell and would love to see in spring 05’ers if they are ever in Manhattan! While many of our classmates are in NYC, almost as many are living nearby in Boston. Miles Douglas is one, where he is working for an organic food company. He tries to see other IS kids as much as possible #bostonstrong. Anna Farnum is also in the area where she's lived since graduating college, and works at a PR firm that services technology startups. Kendra Margulies recently moved to Boston and is attending graduate school at Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in the Physician Assistant program. She is in her second year of the program working on clinical rotations. Issac Reyes is trying to start a career in health care administration, preferably at a hospital. He misses everyone and thinks of IS often. Anyone around Boston or New York should feel free to reach out. Brett Simon is also in Boston as he recently graduated from Boston University with an MS in Public Relations. He soon hopes to move to either New York or LA. Other spring 05’ers include on the east coast include Rachael Clement. After graduating from Eckerd College, she worked seasonally as a Deputy Shellfish Constable in her hometown on Cape Cod. In between seasons she traveled around the US from the beautiful vineyards in Napa Valley, CA to the vast mountain ranges in Vermont. She has settled in Baltimore, MD for the time being and is in search of a job opportunity in the environmental field. Last August, Nick Engebretson graduated from the University of Virginia with a MS in commerce. He is currently living in Arlington and working in DC. For the past six months he has been doing technology consulting work for Accenture. Kevin Fitzgerald and Molly Cousins are both living in Cambridge, MA. Molly works downtown doing marketing, social media and SEO at Carney Sandoe, a job placement agency for independent schools (Island School is one of their clients!). Travis Verdier visited a couple months ago and they had a great time catching up! Travis is working in Grand Rapids as a structural engineer. While getting his graduate school applications together he has been participating in a multitude of activities including mountain biking and volunteering at local environmental action groups. Aaron Hamm graduated from Central Michigan University, Cum Laude, (Honors College) after 5 years this past December. For his final year he was an Environmental Education Intern for 30 weeks at theSmithsonian Institution in D.C. He is currently substitute teaching k-12 as well as life guarding at the MCA. He is hoping to soon move to one of the coasts. Down south, Stephen Boatwright graduated from Coastal Carolina University in May of 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently attending Columbia International University in Columbia, SC pursuing his Masters of Divinity with a focus on Ministry Leadership. Upon graduation he hopes to travel the world to share the message of the gospel. Over the past year, Caroline Springs Giguere moved to Greenville, SC and started a new job as a Cardiac Device Specialist at Greenville Health Systems. She is working at an Electrophysiology practice called Arrhythmia Consultants running their pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillator, cardiac rhythm management clinic. Also, on March 23rd, 2013 she married Kent Giguere (now an honorary spring 05er) in Myrtle Beach, SC. They are now living in Greenville and enjoying married life. Even further south, Alice McCurdy recently graduated from a Physician Assistant program in Miami, FL. She is currently job hunting in California and plans to work in Family Practice. She recently became an aunt and loves her new niece Eden. She misses Island School life and thinks about Spring 2005 often! Mellissa Nixon is in her second year of dental school at University of Florida where she will start seeing patients this summer. She is engaged to Jared Burns (soon to be an honorary spring 05er) who she will marry in October. Sarah Miller is in New Orleans pursuing her masters in social work at Tulane. She is working at a hospital and really enjoying her job and getting to know a new city. She thinks of all the ISers fondly and hopes to make it to a reunion soon! Nick Keeney is a graduate research assistant in oceanography at Louisiana State University developing numerical models of toxic algae and fish, to study nutrient loading and harmful algal blooms in estuaries. He is also a producer and station assistant for Baton Rouge Community Radio. Jane Kinney recently moved to Houston where she has her dream job working for NASA at Johnson Space Center. She is training to work in Mission Control for the International Space Station. She would love to give anyone who is willing to stop by Houston a behind the scenes tour! As our classmates have always been rather adventurous, we also have some alumni who are living overseas. Katie White is currently on a one year fellowship, through the Princeton-in-Asia program, working for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Laos. As part of the WWF-Greater Mekong regional team, she work on issues of sustainable hydropower on the Mekong river, supporting governments in siting and designing dams to maximize profit while minimizing damage to ecosystems and rural livelihoods. She is also helping kick-start the WWF-Green Economy program, which works to influence policy and investments in the Greater Mekong Subregion for sustainable growth. All eerily similar to IS work ;-) In between projects, she spends her time mixing up tones in the Lao language, ordering "friend" instead of "pork" at dinner, and playing in a ukelele band with Aussie, Irish, English, and Austrian expats, who are also working in the development community. Max Siegel recently finished up a 10-month Fulbright grant studying sustainable lobster farming in south Vietnam, it was an amazing experience both culturally and educationally. Since returning home, he has been working full time on a career in travel photography, going to places as far as Antarctica, Patagonia, Nepal, Africa etc. - his work can be found at for those who'd like to have a look. Ellen Oshinsky is currently living in Bogota, Colombia interning at the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MAMBo) and the Opera de Colombia. She is hoping to continue her stay in Colombia teaching English. If any ISers find themselves in Colombia, please touch base!" Sandy Feuer graduated from Colorado College in 2011 with a BA in Environmental Policy. Since graduating, he has been traveling the world, and working on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska. He is currently living in Portland, Oregon, but about to spend a month backcountry skiing in California, and then returning to Alaska for work. In August, he is spending a year in Zambia working with a group called Grassroot Soccer. GRS uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV. He can't wait for his African adventure! It has been so wonderful hearing about all of the amazing adventures that our classmates are up to. Keep a look out for info on a, hopefully, upcoming reunion.

FALL 2005:

Class Agents: Stephanie Chaston, Justin Drazin, Anne Sholley

Eleanor Anderson graduated from Colorado College last May and is currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She is finishing up a fellowship at the Textile Arts Center, where she has been studying fiber arts and textile design. When she finishes her fellowship, she is going to work at a dude ranch in Wyoming for the summer. She dreams about scuba diving frequently. Caroline Ball is living in sunny San Diego, working for a commercial real estate brokerage firm. Amelia Barisone is living in San Francisco working as a nanny. She recently ran into Luke Cherrington at Coachella! Jaclyn Battjes is living in Santiago Chile working for Ernst & Young. She has been prepping for the GMAT and hoping to head back to school (and the USA) in the near future. She has been doing Maxey proud and continued her running regiment as she ran the 10K part of the Santiago Marathon. David Blake is working at Panera in Detroit. He bought a house last summer, a real fixer upper! Jake Cerf is loving life out in San Francisco. He is working in the startup world, which is a lot of fun. Stephanie Chaston is living in Miami finishing up her masters in Coastal Zone Management. She is working as a naturalist at the Biscayne Nature Center. She hopes to move back to the northeast in the fall and reunite with everyone in the area. Colton Coughlin graduated in 2010 from the University of Portland with a degree in civil engineering. He currently lives in Boulder Colorado and is working for Eldorado Climbing Walls and TruBlue as the global supply-chain manager working on sourcing parts in Asia Australia and England. Chris Della Rocca is living in Connecticut working as a manager at Shake Shack. Kat Dembergh visited New York in January and never left! She is currently taking a break from school and enjoying New York. Leah Downey is finishing up her last semester at UNC Chapel Hill. She’ll be heading off to London next year to get her masters in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Justin Drazin graduated from Columbia in December with his Masters of Science in Sustainability Management and is working in commercial real estate development, construction, and management as well as doing independent sustainability consulting and distributing his first children’s book, Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters! Drew Fink took the winter off to live and ski in Colorado, and then returned back to work at the beginning of March. He saw a lot of Colton then, and Lizzie Votruba a few times. He was just in Boston two weeks ago at an Island School Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) meeting. He is currently living in San Francisco, California. Cassidy Hannigan spent the winter in the Florida Keys working with dolphins at Dolphins Plus. She is currently back in Myrtle Beach lifeguarding at the beach, working as part of the dive team at Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, and working as an animal trainer at Petco. She will be moving to California to continue pursuing her career working with marine mammals. Michael Kratz is in graduate school in NYC getting his masters in international transportation and his 3rd mate unlimited coast guard license. He hopes to go work in the Gulf of Mexico on a ship when he’s done. He just got back from 3 months on a supply boat in the gulf. He’ll be headed out on the school ship bouncing from New Orleans to Newfoundland to Ireland to Italy to Malta to NYC. Cordelia (Delia) McKusick spent time living on a farm in Nicaragua, which was a sustainable spiritual community. Now she is back in Massachusetts for the summer working as a nanny and teaching a yoga class. She is hoping to teach meditation in prison. Toni Pryor is living in New York working as an oncology nurse at memorial Sloan Kettering. She is about to start studying at Yale in the family nurse practitioner program. She will be spending the summer working as a medical volunteer FAME, a medical clinic in rural Tanzania. Dan Shea is living in Medford with a buddy from college. He is working as a Structural Engineer at TEC, Inc. He designs and repairs the bridges up and down 93 and 495. Maggie Regan is living and working in Brooklyn, NY and hangs out on her off days with Drazin. She and Drazin have been trying to reconnect with Carley Welke and Colohan for a NYC IS reunion. Anyone else around should get in touch. Danny Waldman is finishing up his last semester at Middlebury and will be graduating with a double major in Architectural Studies and American History. He got a German Shepherd puppy named Ajax back in January and has been raising and training him to be a boss. Ben Yeager is living in New York and working for William Morris Endeavor, a talent agency, in the literary department. Last summer he sailed from Ireland to Greenland and wrote an article for a sailing magazine, Cruising World. Anne Sholley is living in Cambridge, MA and works at Recover Green Roofs, LLC, a green roof design/build firm based in Somerville. Brittany Sherman is living happily in Nassau with her husband of one year and their beautiful baby boy, Menelik Anthony Andrew Fox. Nick Zbitnoff continues to travel the world: he is about to depart on a trip to India and Nepal, followed by a three month stint in Africa. When he is not traveling, he works in his home state of Alaska. Olivia Jacobsen is living in New York and working at a small (boutique, as they say) management consulting firm. Chris Keally has been living in Washington, DC for the past year and a half. He is working at the state department. Drew Melby lives in Baltimore right now with his wife Jessie. (He got married last June!) He’s working at T. Rowe Price as a Retirement Specialist. He travels around and give presentations on employee retirement plans (401(k)s, etc...). But mostly he spends his days dreaming about life back on Eleuthera! : )

SPRING 2006:

Class Agents: Taylor Hoffman, Wes Norton

Duncan Davis is living in Manhattan and working in Midtown. Definitely a huge switch from Vermont! Flora Drury is currently working as a marine naturalist for an eco-tour company (Pacific Whale Foundation) in Maui. Whales, dolphins, manta rays- its been great! “Missing the east coast though so thinking its close to time for me to move home.” Kelsey Head graduated from the University of Vermont in May, 2012 with a BS in Environmental Studies. She has since become the Program Assistant for an educational program that teaches students about watershed science and stream ecology throughout the state of Vermont, called the UVM Watershed Alliance. She says, “its a fancy title for all the fun I have mucking around in streams and rivers with kids!” Kelsey is also working as a Research & Outreach Assistant on a mercury project based in Burlington, VT, specifically looking at the risk of exposure to methylmercury for consumers of canned tuna. Kelsey has also spent the last year getting out on multi-day bike trips, tons of snowboarding, brewing beer, and boating around Lake Champlain! Andrew Keefe is living and working in NYC as well, and would love to see anyone who's there. Will McCalpin has been working in Brooklyn at a wind energy developer about 4 blocks away from Jack Murray and they’ve been chilling a bunch recently. Jimmy Nannos is currently deployed to Kuwait as a Platoon Leader with the 1-104th Cav out of Philadelphia doing security operations as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. In his civilian side he llives in NYC and works for a company called Breadcrumb. It's an iPad based POS system for restaurants, clubs, bars, etc and they were bought by Groupon last year so its growing rapidly and he loves it. Other than that Jimmy is looking forward to coming home from this deployment. Molly Spector is currently studying law in Townsville, Australia, where she has been living for the past 3 years. It's a small tropical city on the Great Barrier Reef and just a short trip away from some incredible diving! She has one more year of study here and is considering moving to Vancouver after she graduates. Molly has enjoyed plenty of travelling during breaks from uni, including volunteering on Andros in The Bahamas, Roatan, Honduras where she became a dive master, a ski trip to Japan, a couple of weeks in both New Zealand and Hawaii, and a month in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. This June she will be taking my Birthright trip to Israel and is looking forward to future adventures and seeing more of the world! This past summer Hayden Stebbins taught back at The Island School, then has spent this year pursuing a MSc Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production at Schumacher College in the UK. He has no idea what's next, but will probably be stateside in May. Armelle de Vienne is still living in Hamburg, Germany working at Schlange & Co.- a Corporate Social Responsibility consulting company and really loving it. She also just moved into a new apartment and has a spare mattress if any Island schoolers feel like going on a little Euro trip. Armelle is in the process of planning a dive trip sometime in September so if anyone wants to join, let her know! Since graduating from the University of Mary Washington in 2011, Jessie Voorhees has been living and teaching in Tanzania-- first at a secondary school for vulnerable girls in Morogoro (Sega Girls Secondary School- check them out!), and is now teaching 2nd grade at a small primary school in Zanzibar. Also far from home, Maggie Cissel is having huge success with her Look Out Loud project! In the past year, she has spent time in India, the Philippines, and Guatemala working on her photography/video project. You all should check it out because it is some truly amazing work. Althea Smith, Doug Parizeau, Wes Mize, Derek Shooster, and Steve Cargill are all currently living in Boston. Taylor Hoffman can’t wait to join them in Boston as she transitions from a year spent on Eleuthera as a Research Teaching Fellow to the Associate Director of Admissions. She will miss the shark and turtle research, but looks forward to many more reunions between Spoggers! For the last two years Wes Norton has been living on Deer Isle, Maine as an Island Institute Fellow. He splits his time between the local elementary school and the island's historical society. This past summer Wes was able to take his skiff over to Vinalhaven to see Flora and he is looking forward to another summer on Penobscot Bay.

FALL 2006:

Class Agents: Sydney DeVos, Lexie Marino

SPRING 2007:

Class Agents: Scottie Thompson, Dominique Keefe

FALL 2007:

Class Agents: Stan Burnside, Robby Spalding

Henry Towbin is graduating from Oberlin College. He has been researching high temperature metamorphism in subduction zones. He will be running the mirco-imaging lab at the Museum of Natural History in New York. There he will work with electron microscopes to help with research. Sam Lagor will be graduating from St. Lawrence University with a major in Geology and a minor in French.  He has been completing an honors thesis under Dr. Jeff Chiarenzelli on the extent of deformation on metamorphosed gabbroic rocks in the Adirondack Highlands and Grenville Province. Next year, he will be starting a Masters program in Geology at the University of Vermont under Dr. Laura Webb. Nicholas Depaul will be graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a major in Sustainable Globalization and a minor in Creative Writing. He recently co-founded a start-up design company called something dangerous. Frankie Graziano will be graduating from University of Michigan and is currently applying to medical schools. Francis Joyce will be graduating from Bowdion College with a degree in biology. This summer he will be working at the Maine Dept. of Conservation with their Natural Areas Program. Alexio Brown is going into his last year at the College of The Bahamas, earning his degree in biochemistry. He plans to go to Australia for his masters. He has been involved in many conservation projects in the Bahamas such as; Young Marine Explorers and Costal Ecology Research. Carina Fish will be graduating from Harvard College this May. She wrote her thesis on coral reef stressors, doing a case study on two reefs in Indonesia. Liza Calkins attends Boston University and is currently studying abroad in Venice. Meagan Gary will be graduating from Colorado College this spring. She will be returning to the Eleuthera to work with Annabelle Brooks as a research assistant for 6 months.

SPRING 2008:

Class Agents: Ned Adriance, Becca Williams

Phoebe Hyde is graduating from Elon University this May & moving to Raleigh where she will be working for Credit Suisse starting in July, right after a family trip to Greece & Turkey! She has had an incredible four years of college and has loved living in the south but is planning to move back to Boston after about 2 years in Raleigh to be closer to my family! Phoebe misses everyone at The Island School so much & still thinks about everyone and the impact that the program has had on her life on a regular basis. Heather Delantey is currently studying abroad in Australia with the SIT World Learning: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology program. She is on the last portion of my trip, which is a 5-week independent study period. For her independent study, she is researching anthropogenic effects on Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Port River in Adelaide, South Australia. Becca Williams has spent the last year living in NYC and working as an English teacher in Brooklyn and getting her masters in English Education. I'm not sure what her plans will be in the future but she has enjoyed working with the kids in Brooklyn

FALL 2008:

Class Agents: Hadley Dawson, John DiLoreto

Jake Koetsier is currently studying Marine Science as a junior at Eckerd College. He has been doing research with a professor on cannabinoid receptor expression in the Florida Lancelet and will continue his research this summer. Jake volunteers at the Florida Aquarium and works in diet preparation for the bird exhibits. Jack Massey is in Botswana doing wildlife conservation and is an Environmental Studies Major at UVM. This school year, Simon Mann-Gow did a domestic study program in DC during the fall, where he interned with Senator Wyden and returned to Lewis and Clark campus for the spring semester. This summer he will be traveling Europe for nearly a month, and taking a summer course at Lewis and Clark. Patrick Lamontagne is studying international studies and economics at Bishops University. This summer, he is headed down to the Caribbean to teach diving. John DiLoreto is a rising senior at Villanova University, studying finance and analytics. He will be interning at the Warner Music Group record label this summer in NYC and looks forward to reconnecting with Island School friends in the city. John sees Kevin Delaney often at Villanova and the two have continued to be good friends. Melanie Koch is a Junior at Tulane University pursuing a double major in Public Health and Environmental Studies. She was recently accepted to the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine combined degree program to receive her Master of Public Health in Global Environmental Health Sciences. This summer, Melanie will be interning in NYC with the Clinton Foundation. Bradley Watson is finishing his senior year at the College of Charleston and spent this past Thanksgiving day with Chris Berry in North Carolina. He is spending the summer working as a research assistant at the Kellogg Biological Station of Michigan State University and plans to continue studying and working in agriculture and plant biology. Valerie Zhao took an off-term this winter and went to India to complete a yoga teacher training and to explore the country. Traveling alone was such an amazing experience for Valerie and she cannot wait to plan her next trip abroad! She is currently studying Biomedical Engineering and Economics, and will be at school this summer along with the rest of her sophomore class. If anyone is near New Hampshire this summer, she would love to see you up there! Alexander Keefe attends UMaine and is studying finance and engineering. So far, he has managed to get four other kids he knows to go to IS, which he thinks makes me sound like a missionary. Cicely Schonberg is about to start her senior year at Case Western Reserve University, studying biology and music performance. She is involved in Greek Life (Sigma Psi Sorority), and is starting a term as Vice President of Membership Development this fall. She is hoping to eventually pursue research in environmental marine biology, and will hopefully continue in opera theater as well. After graduation, Cicely intends to take some time off either in the Peace Corps or Teach for America before applying to grad school. Jane Rew is currently studying Economics and Environmental Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She recently was named captain of the Hobart and William Smith sailing team as voted upon by her peers. She is looking forward to competing in the upcoming collegiate national sailing championships in St. Petersburg, Florida. She enjoys long walks on the beach. Todd Carson is studying international business/finance/languages and playing lacrosse at Rodger Williams University. Chris Kachadoorian is currently studying public policy and markets and management studies at Duke. This fall, he studied abroad in Madrid. Hadley Dawson is finishing up my second year on the Women's Crew Team at Bates, after starting as a novice her sophomore fall. The team is nearing the end of their season (crazy!) but are getting ready to gear up for Nationals in early June! Hadley is majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on social change and policy. This summer she's working with an environmental research group that studies how environmental toxins affect human health, specifically breast cancer. Chrissy Maruyama is completing her junior year at Colorado College (along with 4 other lovely F'08 ladies). Besides enjoying the outdoors and taking classes for her Biology major, Chrissy has dedicated a great deal of time to their D1 Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team! Also on the team, is IS alum, Madison Andres. This summer, Chrissy will be doing genetics research at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, as well as finding as much pickup volleyball and frisbee as possible. Maddie Andres Is loving life as a sophomore at Colorado College. She is a Geology major and is part of the Women's Ultimate Team. She loves living in the Rockies. Charlotte Francisco is at Lewis and Clark University (along with Simon Mann-Gow) and is a coxswain for the Women's Crew Team. Vatasha White currently attends Smith after taking a year off. She is double majoring in engineering and computer science. For the summer, Vatasha will be doing research in the computer science department, which entails curating a data base of proverbs with future hopes of being able to generate her own. She also will be teaching at the Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program, helping one of her professors with his robotics course. Sage Schaftel is double majoring in Environmental Analysis and Anthropology at Pitzer College, running track, and interning with a Food Justice group in California. This summer she is working at a camp in Maine. Sage hopes to see everyone soon in the near future! This past fall Margot Goldstein studied abroad in the amazing city of Perth, Australia for five months. Now back stateside, she is studying marketing and management as a junior at the University of Denver, where Maddy Cunningham and Monica Deircks also attend. This summer Margot plans to have her third internship in Chicago, IL. Leslie Panella is a sophomore at Middlebury College studying neuroscience with a global health minor. This summer, she is probably going to be a research assistant at a lab in Boston. This past winter, Leslie and Alexa Lesenskyj saw John DiLoreto when he visited Middlebury during J-Term.

SPRING 2009:

Class Agents: Christine Brittain, Whit Powel, Matt Vetter

Christine Brittain is now studying at Emory University in Atlanta. While she is undecided on a major, she is choosing between Environmental, Psych, Comp Science and hopefully minor in Philosophy. She joins Whit Powel as another Class Agent with Matt Vetter for Spring 2009. Matt Vetter is finishing his junior year at Dartmouth College. This summer, he will be working for Dodge and Cox in San Francisco, and hopes to return to San Francisco after graduation.  Whit Powel is finishing up her sophomore year at Denison University. She is double majoring in Communication and Environmental Studies and is playing lacrosse for the women’s varsity team at Denison. After classes and the lacrosse season ends in May, Whit will head down to Eleuthera in June to serve as a Summer Term Mentor for the 2013 Summer Term at Island School. She is so excited to get back on the island and to work with students at a place that means so much to her. After two great years at Duke, Heather Hoffman is excited to be spending the next semester away from Durham in Geneva to study with a Global Health and Development Policy Program. Before leaving, though, she can't wait to spend four weeks at Dartmouth completing the Tuck Business Bridge Program with classmate May Henderson. They both can't wait to have a month together with classmate Hayley Brown, who will also be in Hanover for her Sophomore Summer. Lauren Ledingham recently declared a concentration in Health and Human Biology at Brown University and looks forward to interning in a hospital and working at Biotechnology Company in Boston this summer. Next fall, Lauren is studying abroad in Copenhagen and can't wait to become a part of the Danish culture and visit other European countries as well. Mattie Reid is currently finishing up her sophomore year at Bucknell University and is studying geology. She is also currently working on a research project in New Mexico, looking at Proterozoic rocks. Joe Sukup is currently finishing up his sophomore year at Wabash College. He is working on getting his BA in Spanish Language and Literature with a Minor in Studio Art at Wabash. Joe is a Student Athletic trainer for the athletics here and pursuing his paramedic certification. Next year Joe will be studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be focusing on international business while there, hopefully working on establishing a chain of SCUBA diving Shops on the Latin American coastlines in the future. Paige Tarrant is wrapping up her sophomore year at University of Richmond in the business school with a business administration major and a concentration in marketing. Paige will stay in Richmond this summer with an internship and plans to study abroad in Vienna, Austria for the Fall 2013 semester.

FALL 2009:

Class Agents: Alexis Sommerfield, Catherine Wilson

SPRING 2010:

Class Agents: Hannah Cope

Evan Lutvak is writing music for a PBS documentary. The film is about a play “Project Shattered Silence” which will be going up in Clearwater, Florida this summer. Evan is also in the cast of the play. Bridgette Foster and Hannah Cope were bunkmates at The Island School and both spent the fall studying abroad at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Micky Mittermeier and his family climbed a previously unclimbed mountain Van Der Wijck Top in Suriname. He actually just returned from Suriname a few weeks ago as well as Trinidad and Tobago, hitting his 68th country. He has another expedition potentially next summer to walk from Kwamalasamutu to Tepu, two trio Indian villages. Walking along the ancient hunting trails. A walk no white man has ever done.

SUMMER 2010:

Class Agents: Grace Dennis, Ariel Verbrugge

Rosy DePaul is currently finishing up my senior year at The Archer School for Girls and will be heading to Bates College in Maine next year. After graduation, Rosy will be going to Hawaii and South America to celebrate! She is extremely excited to begin college in the fall and is am hoping to intern at The Island School in the coming summers. Eliza Wright-Fairbainks just finished up a gap year in which she spent one semester sailing across the Atlantic and the other semester at CEI's gap program which was incredible. Now, Eliza has begun work for the summer and is looking forward to school in the fall. Ariel Verbrugge just finished her first year of college at the University of Michigan where she hopes to major in Neuroscience and Spanish. Ariel participated as a Captain in Dance Marathon at UM. This summer she will be in Grand Rapids working and taking summer courses. Kate Hamilton is currently a sophomore at the University of Portland studying Environmental Ethics and Policy. Although she is not quite sure what exactly she wants to do with her major yet, she says that The Island School helped her realize that she loves being surrounded by nature and wants to do all that she can to preserve it! Kristin Treat is studying Marine BIology as a freshmen at FIT. She absolutely loves the program, and plans to further my studies in Shark Research and Conservation thanks to the work she completed at The Island School. CEI fueled her interest to study these misunderstood creatures and she can't wait for future research opportunities. Kristin hopes to return to Eleuthera as an intern soon! Grace Dennis is studying Environmental Geography as a sophomore at Colgate University and spent the last two summers interning with the shark program at CEI. The Island School sparked her interest in field-based, experiential learning and she will be headed to Bocas del Toro, Panama next spring to study tropical island biodiversity and conservation. After The Island School, Tessa Crews was inspired to become an active member of the local and organic food movements in her community. She completed her high school senior research project on the efficiency of Hydroponics systems in compared to traditional agricultural practices. Now at UVA, she maintains leadership roles in Slow Food and the Morven Garden, two organizations that are meant to make healthy food more accessible to students.

FALL 2010:

Class Agents: Chris Daniell

SPRING 2011:

Class Agents: Ami Adams, Evan Wood

SUMMER 2011:

Class Agents: Mackenzie Carlson, Henry Ogilby

Denali Balser is currently a senior in high school. Largely due to The Island School I'm going to be majoring in Environmental Studies. This summer she is going to intern for an interior design company, which she is looking forward to. Upon finishing her senior year, she is excited for summer break and the start of college! Mackenzie Carlson will be graduating this spring and looks forward to attending Dartmouth College this fall. She plans on studying math, physics, and sustainability. Currently, she is busy training for her first ultra marathon and listening to TED talks while bicycling. Hope Saulter is about to return home to Maine for the summer after finishing up her freshman year in Florida, at Florida Southern College where she is majoring in Sports Psychology. Hope has joined the sorority Alpha Delta Pi and become very involved with their philanthropy working with the Ronald McDonald House. Over the summer she plans to work at a restaurant on the water and spend time volunteering in the Ronald McDonald house near her home town. This year she completed my first Tough Mudder race and plans on training again for one next fall. Maggie Winchester is currently enrolled in a program at Vermont Technical College that allows her to complete her freshman year of college at the same time as her senior year of high school. She will graduate from the program in early May and then transfer to the University of New England to study marine biology. Since IS, Hana Bendy has been taking a lot of hip hop classes, choreographing student dances, and working hard in school. This past summer Hana interned for a gastroenterologist, both researching for her and watching her do endoscopies and colonoscopies. She is really enjoying second semester senior year, and she has been working on giving out $70,000 dollars in small grants from SHAPEfund, an organization Hana is involved with. Hana can't wait to study at Yale next year, where she hopes to be pre-med and major in psychology, cognitive sciences, or one of the natural sciences. Courtney Good is busy studying at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She is a biology major and education minor.  After returning from Island School Henry Ogilby helped to found his school's first sustainability group, focusing on initiatives like recycling and a solar array for our gym and hockey rink. He will be studying at Princeton University next fall and is looking forward to majoring in Environmental Science. He still spends most of his free time rowing, but has recently taken an avid interest in photography. He wishes he could go back to IS knowing what he knows about a camera now!

FALL 2011:

Class Agents: Griffin Hunt, Grace Fowler, Anika Ayyar

This year Tessa Tracey has been leading the Marine Conservation Club at her school which has taken a lot of her energy. In general, she has been really interested in film and is currently making a documentary about a small community in El Salvador. Tessa is still unsure about her exact summer plans except that she am going to Ireland in the beginning but she hopes to get a job when she gets home! This year AJ Wetherald has mostly been working and keeping her grades up. She took a college course on drawing the human figure and applied to nine colleges. She ended up deciding to go to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and she and Claire Russell will be roommates next year along with their puppy! Her intended major is Environmental Science with a minor in fine arts. Good luck to everyone headed to college this fall, crazy how time flies! Tori Suslovich is finishing up her first year at the University of Tampa, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. She has really enjoyed my first year and has grown a lot as a student; she has been challenged but has adapted pretty well and made a lot of great friends. Tori is also a part of Student Government, Beta Beta Beta (Biological Honor Society), and Delta Zeta Sorority. This summer she is working at the Paul Center for the second year in a row as a 1:1 Assistant for a little girl with Down's Syndrome. Tori is also volunteering at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point in Rye, NH and working towards her goal of running a half marathon. Sam Saccomanno will either be going down to Death Valley to work with NASA in May or going to Craters of the Moon with them in June! Next year Maddie Phillipp is going to Dalhousie University. This summer she is staying in her home town then heading to Canada and hopes to visit her brother in Iceland. Next year Jamie Perritt is going to Villanova University on a pre-law track. This summer she is working in Princeton and working in alumni relations back at Lawrenceville. Brendan McDonnell is doing a homestay in Köln, Germany for the better part of the summer before moving back to Florida and (hopefully) starting Dual Enrollment at a local university for senior year. This summer Kate Maroni has a job as a hostess in Prouts Neck, Maine, and is hoping an internship she applied to with National Geographic works out in the end! Ian Huschle is doing a 50-day NOLS trip in Western Australia this summer before he heads to Colorado College for his freshman year. Charlie Sandor graduated high school in the middle of January and for the past four months has been interning at the boathouse at The Island School learning about boat mechanics. He was accepted to Eckerd College and will be starting this upcoming fall semester. The Island School has kept Charlie busy but he is enjoying his time down there! has enjoyed his time on Eleuthera Eleuthera has been great and they have certainly been keeping me busy here! Will Sturrup is a sophomore at Florida International University. He has worked in different student and professional departments at FIU including Hall Council, a student led organization which creates and hosts events for students that live on campus to make their experience at college interactive and enjoyable, which he is the Vice President. Will took part in The Academy of Leaders, a semester-long certificate program that develops personal empowerment, organizational skills, understanding of diversity, professionalism, conflict management and civic responsibility. He is now a part of a LEAD Team that promotes and supports leadership development by coordinating the Academy of Leaders program. Will also works in the office of Multicultural Programs and Services, and is leading the intiative to reactivate the Stonewall Pride Alliance at the Biscayne Bay Campus, which is a student-led LGBTQ club. On the academic side of things, Will is working in a Marine Biology department lab studying the ecology of connecting environments.

SPRING 2012:

Class Agents: Hannah Piersiak, Lauren Maida, Matti McAlpin

Lauren Maida will be attending Lehigh University in the fall, and is planning on majoring in Marketing with a minor in Environmental Studies. Kira Akka-Seidel is going to University of California- Santa Cruz and plans to major in Marine Biology. Kyle Titsworth has decided to go to University of Vermont and although he is not sure of his major, he is going on the Pre-Med track. Max Gordon is headed to Appalachian State University in the fall and I will be majoring in International Business. Emma Kimball is going to the College of the Atlantic and, in true Island School fashion, is majoring in human ecology and focusing on marine biology. Felipe Gomez will attend University of Virginia in the fall to study Environmental Thought. Hannah Piersiak recently decided on Colby College for the fall where she plans to double major in global studies and psychology with a minor in education. Matti McAlpin is taking a gap year next year and hopes to spend her time traveling and studying marine science.

SUMMER 2012:

Class Agent: Ben Charo

FALL 2012:

Class Agents: Lexi Welch, Cate Ellison, Lauren Gould

Following Lanti Von Der Schulenburg's semester at The Island School, she switched schools and is now a sophomore from Aiglon College to the Lyford Key School in Nassau. Currently, Lanti is volunteering at a middle school in Nassau that is very similar to Deep Creek Middle School, which she enjoys very much. This spring, she will be part of an expedition on North Eleuthera through GGYA. In addition, this spring Lanti will also be heading back to her hometown of London but she will be returning to the Bahamas for the majority of the summer. Since leaving The Island School, Lanti has discovered that she hates to golf but has found that she loves cricket, and she believes she has a true talent for it. Though her transition into a new school has been somewhat challenging, Lanti is excited to see and reconnect with fellow Island School students sometime this summer. Since returning from the Island School, James Boyce has resumed school as a sophomore at Forest Heights High School on Abaco. Additionally, James has participated and volunteered within his community since his return from being away. This past month James went out with John Durban, a predominant figure in the study and research of marine mammals. Durban, who has done work in the past with orca whales in Alaska and Antarctica and works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, came to the Bahamas to research bottlenose dolphins. James had the opportunity to work with Durban and participate in his work with dolphins around the island of Abaco. James is still in school and is looking forward to summer. Since her return to Cleveland and her school, Hathaway Brown, Caroline Jones has been very active in sports and in school. In March, she went on numerous college trips and began the college process, driving and flying up and down the east coast, scoping out Middlebury, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, where she stopped briefly to see Lexi Welch, and Wake Forest. She spent her preseason for varsity lacrosse in Florida at IMG and moved on to spend some time in Naples Florida with friends from her team. Next year as a senior, Caroline will be serving in the largest and most important leadership role at her school as co-chair of Hathaway Brown’s annual charity event. This summer, Caroline plans on taking physics to get ahead for senior year and she also plans on participating in volunteer work. In addition, she will be traveling to Italy this summer with her family. Recently, Jack Rumery has been accepted to the very first youth conservation council in the state of Michigan. The group does work for DNR and Jack is extremely excited to be part of such an important and exciting project. Jack has also resumed school at Forest Hills Eastern High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is looking forward to having some free time this summer. Since coming home, Lilly Ganske has visited many colleges including American University, Wake Forest, Elon, William and Mary, and George Washington. She is also planning on going to Belize this summer to scuba dive! She is extremely excited for her diving trip and has continued to run since returning from Island School. She is a junior this year at the Laurel School in Cleveland, Ohio. Nathanial Millard has been diving in the Grand Caymans since returning home to Michigan from the Island School and has started his Advanced and Rescue Diver certifications. He is looking and applying at different military schools, including the Virginia Military Institute. Since returning, Nathanial has also gone camping and skiing. As an avid tennis player, Fiona Cerf has resumed her position on her school’s tennis team and has continued to play this spring. She has been volunteering at a local childcare center for homeless and less fortunate children, and this summer, Fiona plans on taking a month long surfing trip down the Washington and Oregon coast. She is hoping to travel to Spain as well this summer to teach students English. Fiona is planning on pursuing her tennis career in college and has begun the recruitment process. She has been in communication with coaches affiliated with Claremont and Pitzer and she hopes to earn a spot on either team. Fiona is looking forward to summer and all of her exciting plans as she wraps up her year at Garfield High School in Seattle. Since coming home, Jake Varsano has made a big difference in his community in Hamilton, Massachusetts. This school year, Jake has been working with the environmentally friendly clothing company, Recover, through his school. Jake has also been working on running for a grant to purchase renewable energy sources for his own home. He is also playing varsity baseball this spring and is looking forward to ending his junior year at Pingree Academy. Even after his semester at the Island School, Chris Foote continues to pursue his passion for the environment and the ocean. This summer, Chris plans to traveling to Belize with fellow Island School classmate, Ryan Schendal for six weeks with the Blue Ventures program, training students to recognize the importance and value of the reefs and complex ecosystems in Belize. They will be diving for the majority of the program and are excited to have the opportunity to participate in it together. Chris is also playing lacrosse this year for his school and is looking at Duke, Yale, Vanderbilt, Tulane, University of Virginia, Middlebury, and Georgetown. After returning home, Cate Ellison resumed her rigorous activity in both school, and her community. Recently, Cate has been to New York City to participate in a human rights rally. Cate is also a member of the sailing team this year and was manager of the wrestling team at Nobles and Greenough School this past winter. She also plays brass in the blues band at her school and continues to fuel her passion for music by singing in the gospel group at her school as well. Upon returning home from IS, Isabelle Swearingen has become very active on and off the water and in her community. Participating in sailing this year as a sophomore at Greens Farms Academy, Isabelle also spent time in Washington D.C and participated in a Save the Children event. She also helped raise money for the cause by holding a run and walk. Isabelle is planning on writing a global thesis on shark conservation next year for her school. This summer, Isabelle hopes to have the opportunity to go to Nicaragua with the Save the Children program. She will also be working as a lifeguard and volunteering at a local river ecology center. Extremely dedicated and committed to her career in softball, Lauren Catena has been very busy this school year rebounding from a semester away. She is looking at playing softball in college and is beginning the recruitment process. Lauren has been playing softball this spring all over the country, traveling with her team. She has talked to coaches at Boston University, Amherst, and University of Pennsylvania. Lauren is an all-state player for her school’s softball team so she travels constantly to play her favorite game. This summer, she will be going to Nevis in the British Virgin Islands with fellow Island School classmate Harrison Glatt. Lauren is looking forward to the summer and her upcoming senior year at Newark Academy. Returning from Island School in the middle of the season, Chapin Atwood jumped right back into her school’s ski team. At the end of the season, the Nobles Ski team won the ISLs! Since then, Chapin has been volunteering at a local middle school where she helps tutor younger students. She is also planning on volunteering at a local community garden so she can help become more sustainable within her own community in Dedham, Massachusetts. During her spring break in March, Chapin returned to the Bahamas with her family and also visited the Island School. More recently, Chapin has been preparing for the SATs and she has been focusing on her college application process. This summer, she is helping her mother lead a community service trip to South Africa. The trip is a trip that gives families the opportunity to participate in community service and fellow Fall 2012 classmates Hadley Edie and Kaitlin Ball will be going on the trip as well. Chapin will also be traveling to Croatia with her family this summer as well. Returning home from his semester away in the middle of the basketball season, Connor Konynenbelt spent most of his winter playing tirelessly for his school’s team. His team went to the Michigan state semi-finals and he is currently playing lacrosse for his school in Grand Rapids as well. This summer, Connor is going to be training for the upcoming basketball season of his senior year at Grand Rapids Christian High School, and he will also be working with his father’s company. Upon coming home to New Jersey from the Island School, Harrison Glatt began a new baseball season this spring. He is hoping to play division three baseball in college and is looking at schools like Middlebury, Colby, and Washington University is St. Louis. Harrison is also planning on playing baseball this summer and he is excited to be able to attend several baseball showcases this summer as well. Additionally, Harrison will be working at a summer sports camp for younger athletes. He will be traveling to the British Virgin Islands this summer with former Island School classmate, Lauren Catena. Directly following her adventure at the Island School, Katie Holmes embarked on a whole new adventure, only this time she was catching planes and trains and taxis in France. Katie spent Christmas and New Years in France with twi different host families, traveling along the coast of France, spending time with one of these families in a coastal town called La Rochelle. In La Rochelle, Katie attended a French school as well. Before leaving the coast, Katie spent Christmas and New Years there, which she said, was, “So different and exciting!” Moving away from the coast, Katie took a train and moved inland to the city of love and light, Paris. She spent four days in Paris with another host family before returning home, this time with the intention of staying in Vermont. After adjusting back into school and life back home, Katie helped start a social entrepreneurship club at her school. This spring, Katie is playing lacrosse for her school and she is looking forward to the days of summer that lie before her. In her time back home in Dedham, Massachusetts following her semester abroad, Hadley Edie has become even more of a leader in sports, in school, and within her own community. This winter, Hadley raced on the ski team for the Nobles and Greenough School. Hadley also hopped on a plane and headed south on a school community service trip in New Orleans over spring break. This spring, Hadley is playing tennis for her school and she is focusing on photography and marine biology in the classroom. This summer, Hadley is excited to be going to South Africa with her family and Chapin Atwood, Kaitlin Ball, and their families as well. Hadley plans on looking at schools down south for college and is looking forward to her exciting plans this summer. Since returning and transitioning back into life at home and at school after the Island School, Lexi Welch has fallen back into the swing of things as a junior this year at the Gunston School. After returning from the Island School, Lexi did a series of presentations about her semester abroad. This spring, Lexi is playing varsity lacrosse for her school and is shooting competitively on a rifle team. Upon coming home from the Bahamas Lexi resumed her position as the co-president of the photography club and as the school’s student photographer. She is a member of her school’s environmental club and helped organize a fundraiser at her school to raise money for the Cape Eleuthera Institute’s sea turtle research program. She continues to try to spread awareness concerning the protection of sea turtles worldwide. This spring, Lexi will also be spending a week in Washington D.C feeding the homeless. Additionally, Lexi will be assisting the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve in surveying horseshoe crab populations within the Delaware Bay. Recently, Lexi also won first place in the Eastern Shore of Maryland Regional Poetry Contest and she was inducted into the National Honors Society. Lexi is looking at University of Arizona, Wake Forest, Texas Christian University, University of San Diego, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and University of Santa Cruz. Since coming home from four months in the Bahamas, Phoebe Shaw has resumed her place on the field this spring and is playing varsity lacrosse for her school in Hamilton, Massachusetts. Maren Roberts has been running track for her school, Woodrow Wilson High School. On the team, she is a stellar athlete and runs for both the one and two mile divisions. In addition to Maren’s athletic achievements and aspirations since coming home, she has also been biking and she is currently working at a local sports and fitness health club. Upon coming home, Maren has reconnected with many of her friends and she is enjoying the second half, and end of her junior year. This summer, she is looking forward to reconnecting with her Island School friends and spending time in the gorgeous city she calls home. This spring, Cam Peck has been playing varsity lacrosse for his school and has a jam-packed summer ahead of him. Cam will be working at the Newport Shipyard and he will also be participating in a Bluefin tuna research and conservation program through the University of Rhode Island. The program focuses on how we can farm raise Bluefin tuna. This summer, Cam plans on continuing to do work with the Clean Shores program which promotes the cleaning of shorelines. The program is aimed at professional yacht crews that travel the world. In addition, Cam will also be coaching a lacrosse summer camp. Although he is looking forward to all of his summer plans Cam says, “Most importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing all of my fall 2012 family.” Since returning to her hometown of Towson, Maryland, just miles from the city of Baltimore, Lauren Gould has shared her Island School experience with her friends, family, and fellow classmates. Since returning to school as a junior at Towson High School, Lauren has presented a series of informational presentations about her time at Island School and the work she completed through the Cape Eleuthera Institute. Lauren also gave her shark physiology research presentation to her classmates and teachers. For her human ecology project at the Island School, Lauren worked with other students to bring honeybees to the Island School campus to achieve the goal of producing our very own Island School, and local honey, and to help rebound declining bee populations. Bringing her efforts and knowledge home with her, Lauren plans on trying to raise honeybees in her very own backyard. This summer, Lauren is looking forward to visiting several colleges and she is especially looking forward to having reunions with all of her Island School friends. Since returning home, Kelly McCarthy has been thriving at her school as a sophomore this spring. Recently, she joined the environmental action committee at her school and they have been working to get Exeter to divest from using fossil fuels. Kelly is also working with fellow Island School fall 2012 and Exeter students Nora Cullen and Brian Byun to make biodiesel for Exeter’s school buses. Although they are in the early stages of the project, they are excited to continue to pursue it. Kelly is also playing soccer the team for Amesbury and they are currently two for two. Sam Hastings is currently playing baseball this spring as a sophomore at Hanover High School and has continued to be sustainable both at home and at school following his Island School experience.