Yesterday was beautifully sunny day. After our run-swim and breakfast, we all met with our research groups to start compiling and analyzing our results to present on Parent’s Weekend. The afternoon was especially exciting because we had a couple hours to brainstorm for our final Human Eco projects. We used “open space technology” which basically means that we try and inspire creativity in a casual, conversational setting. We split up into conversation groups around campus that had themes such as: food, waste, water, energy, awareness, etc. Students and teachers alike spent time throwing ideas out there and getting closer to a specific problem that they want to focus on for their project. The goal of the day was not to come up with any solutions, but to identify a specific problem that they feel passionate about addressing, and find other students who share the same interests. Exiting ideas about solutions were also being discussed just because people couldn’t wait to get started. Some problems that were picked were: lack of pollinators on Eleuthera (bees), imported food, overfishing of conch, lack of activities for Deep Creek kids, plastic pollution, and more.

We finished Human Eco a little early due to people’s enthusiasm, so we got to finish our dorm deep cleans with exploration time left in the afternoon. After dinner, we had a night class and started to plan our Art Show for Parent’s Weekend. We voted for two curators (congrats Danny and Noelle!) to be the creative directors and help lead the process. I am confident that they will do a fantastic job.

This morning we woke up to a slightly grey, windy day. Swim track had an awesome morning, however, because we swam in current cut down by the marina. We did laps, first swimming with the current, and once we got to the bridge we turned around and pushed against the current all the way back to the start. We saw a baby nurse shark, a barracuda, and lots of other fish.

Chef Emery leaves tomorrow, who has provided delicious food for The Island School for a number of semesters. He was a student here himself, and we have many memories of hanging out with him in the kitchen, hearing his exciting dinner announcements at circle, and of course eating his food. He will be terribly missed, but we are wishing him goof luck in his travels!