As parents begin to trickle in, everyone is scrambling to prepare for their arrival. Students have been working hard to complete preparations for Wednesday’s art show, and all the research groups are getting ready for our biggest presentation so far. Even with all the hype for parent’s weekend, we are able to focus on having a very fun weekend. On Saturday, both run and swim tracks did our longest workout yet. In the morning some of the runners ran almost 12 miles, while the swimmers completed a 2.5 mile swim, our longest yet. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I feel much more confident about the super swim after having done such a long distance. Even though everyone was falling asleep during dinner, we somehow found the energy to drive to Rock Sound for our final presentations for Community Outreach. The community center group was the center of attention because of their bake sale, which included the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies anyone has ever baked. I almost teared up a little after my first bite… and I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. Island School and Deep Creek Middle School members of the Cancer and Plastic Awareness groups gave heart wrenching presentations about two of the most dangerous issues here on Eleuthera. To benefit the Cancer Society on Eleuthera, the plastic team also sold home-made jewelry we constructed out of pieces of beach plastic. Despite the serious issues discussed, Saturday was a great day for everyone in the community and it was great to see Island School students working hard and having fun with their DCMS buddies.

Yesterday was Ashley’s birthday, and a great way to end an eventful weekend. Last night we took a little study break, and had a cookout on the beach in honor of her birthday. The burgers were delicious, compliments to the chef . To top it off we sang happy birthday and ate some chocolate cake. A great way to end a great weekend here at The Island School.