Yesterday afternoon was one of the most fun exploration times I have had this entire semester, and I didn’t even have to leave my front yard. It had started raining a little after lunch, and the weather had picked up to thunder and lightning. The students were on lock down in our respective dorms, and everyone was starting to get a little stir-crazy. After the lightning had passed, it was already past 5 o’clock and I had lost the drive to get out of the dorm and sign out. That’s when I heard them. The entire girls dorm was screaming and splashing around the middle of the Circle in the pouring rain. Without hesitation Tim and I led the charge to the mud party, which quickly became mud dodge ball, and soon after escalated to mud wrestling. Everyone was filthy, but everyone was still smiling and laughing simultaneously. No one seemed to mind that our outdoor showers were shut off, and we all cleaned off in Boathouse cut. Besides being incredibly fun, yesterday was a great example of how our community takes advantage of any situation we are presented, no matter how dirty we end up. In honor of Memorial Day, the Caciques and Dorm heads planned a barbecue on Boys Dorm Beach with a bunch of tasty food. The weather altered our plans slightly, however our cookout in the boathouse was really fun. We had hotdogs, hamburgers and a plethora of potato chips, all of which were delicious. To top it off we sang happy birthday to Peter Kite, and had an amazing chocolate cake to celebrate.

Even with all the excitement of the afternoon and evening, the students were able to switch gears and crank out some serious homework in preparation for our final week of academics. Although we only have a small amount of class time left, we have some pretty important assessments coming up that are meant to demonstrate our learning here at The Island School.

While most of our sending schools are ending in the next few days, I don’t think there is anyone in our community who wishes they weren't here.