Hello, my name is Caroline Muggia, and I will be updating the blog for the next week. The rainy weather has continued, but has not put a damper on the spirit at The Island School. Yesterday, run track and swim track had their last workouts before the big events this weekend! Nerves and excitement are building throughout the campus as we prepare to accomplish our own events and to support our friends. The sign making and hydration has begun. The four mile swim and half marathon are going to be incredible events where the community will come together to support each other. Yesterday, during advisory time some students opted to go on a dive to hole in the wall in a rainstorm. I went on this 90 foot dive a few weeks ago and it is incredibly beautiful. The wall drops off 4,000 feet into the Exuma sound, it was at first daunting when deciding to go on the dive but definitely an awesome experience. In literature class we wrote letters to our sending schools, students wrote about challenges they have encountered and the growth that they have seen within themselves. We have also begun working on our Demonstration of Learning. This is a chance for students to creativity show the community all that they have learned this semester. I cannot wait to see the presentations from my peers. Students have been working hard on their human ecology projects and the final projects are approaching. All of the projects are tackling hard issues either directly in the community or outside of the community and seem to be succeeding with their solutions.

Today we have Literature, Histories, and Research class. It is crazy that today is our last field day in research! In Histories we will be having a stakeholder discussion, debating marine management decisions. Literature class will be exciting as we are close to the end of the epic poem Omeros and share our own epic poems that we wrote earlier this week.