Rounding the corner we hear loud cheer shouting, “Go run-track!” music fills the air and we are given water and Gatorade. Anna, Dale, and I down the water quickly and wave thank you to the amazing swimmers supporting us. Our legs ache but we continue on and encourage each other. Touching the flagpole is like touching gold. All of a sudden there is a massive group of people hugging us and congratulating us. We run as a pack back over the bridge and run in with the others still finishing. The half marathon was an incredible event, it was a day that had been once been intimidating but now it is a memory that we will look back on as inspiring. Sunday. The swimmers stretch their arms and paint flags on their backs to get ready for the four-mile swim. Run track is ready on the water to support them with signs, food, and water. I stare off into the distance as the swimmers in white caps begin their long swim from Sunset Beach to Chub point. They are fast and do not take too long to reach the turn around point, many with smiles on their faces and full of adrenaline. The groups of two or three are strong and support one another. The two the lead the pack do not leave each other’s side. They make the swim look effortless. The finish line is an amazing sight as students stand on the beach and wait as the swimmers touch the boat so relieved to have finished. There is a celebration on the beach with lots of hugging and high-fives. After both events students were so tired, we had time to relax with others or have Querencia on our own. The weekend was so challenging but ultimately rewarding and unifying. All semester students and faculty have trained for these two events with anticipation and excitement and finally we have done it. I believe that these two events represent the close community and spirit of The Island School. They bring the community closer as people of all ages support one another in accomplishing difficult challenges. Many students have said that they believe that these events are a core part of their The Island School experience, and have set a strong tone for the last days here.