Thursday started off with a monster run swim or a modified run swim. We had the morning to work on our human ecology presentations that were being presented the next day. After lunch students and faculty went to Deep Creek Middle School for our last community outreach event. There was a basketball jamboree, dodge ball, dancing, and baked goods. It was a great way to finish off the semester with our buddies, even though it was difficult to say goodbye. After community outreach, advisory groups had their last advisory time together. My group chose to eat some yummy snacks and then go for swim next to the boathouse. Advisory time has definitely been a core part of my Island School experience; our group has gotten really close and always has a ton of fun. On Friday the day was entirely dedicated to final human ecology projects! We were able to walk around to all of the different projects and see what our peers had been working on. Many of the projects were continuations of projects started by last semester students and were executed this semester and some were entirely new projects such as Dana and Willis’s project that aimed to put the invasive species lionfish on the menus in restaurants in South Eleuthera. Dana and Willis created pamphlets with information when to eat certain fish species. Today is the research symposium, which will be an exciting event because research groups will be able to present their research to government officials and professionals.