by Sophie Ochs Hi everybody! I’m so happy to be back and writing to you all about the events of yesterday! To start the day off, the groups of run track and swim track all got ready to push themselves. Whether that was by swimming against the current in the cut or running almost five miles, both teams had a great time and were really happy to see how hard they could push themselves. After chores and personal space, the community gathered or a delicious breakfast. All the students said this was by far their favorite meal with French toast, sausage and fruit! It was so good! Smelled exactly like “mom’s cooking.” After breakfast, the students brought their full bellies down to their first class followed by lunch and Community Outreach. I know for a fact that this is some of the student’s favorite activities because it not only lets you reach out to a new culture, but it also allows you to make a new friend along the way. Heading back to the campus the students sang songs and played games in the boiling and jam-packed vans as they became more and more excited for the big World Cup Soccer Tournament. During the world cup, advisories group up together and play pick up games of soccer all leading to a final match between the two teams India and Greece! While Greece scored numerous times, had totally awesome celebration moves and played hard, the winner of the World Cup was India. As the team threw curry up into the air, the students cheered and hugged as the teams walked off the field. Three showers later, the team India still smells like a traditional Indian dish. The bonding time really brought us closer together and everyone was so happy afterwards to have gotten the time to cheer on friends with some friendly competition. We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings but we will definitely share it with you all.