Hello all, I’m Morgen Montgomery and I will be writing the blog post today. As another school week quickly comes to a close, there are many things to be caught up on. To all of the parents, most of you have probably received an anxious phone call from a child regarding research presentations. We have been working hard all week to perfect our research PowerPoint’s and presentations that will be given to our fellow classmates, teachers, and CEI leaders this coming Monday. These will be our first big presentations, so wish your child luck! Research has played a large role in all of our lives this week. As I walked around campus yesterday afternoon, I came across many eager researchers fully entrenched in their projects. After a bit of complication, the students in deep water sharks picked up the medusa, while students in long lining sharks pulled in a 7-foot Nurse Shark just a few hundred feet away.

In other news, boys enjoyed a nice, well-deserved sleep in yesterday or an early morning free dive, while girls woke up before sunrise to start our first “deep clean” of the dorms. This was very much needed, and all of the complaints stopped once the large accumulation of miscellaneous objects and trash was witnessed by all of the girls, realizing we should probably be a little neater! While we swept, washed, and sprayed, a large group of boys took the gutsy plunge in Ike’s reef, another free-diving location, where many of them made it through the 15-yard tunnel.

Later today, we will join our buddies at Deep Creek Middle School and begin our Community Outreach projects. This seems to be a favorite day for everyone, which is then followed by advisor time, where students get to relax and indulge. Everything is great here, including a beautiful week of weather.