Hi my name is Carly Shea and I’m a sophomore at the Governors Academy. I’ll be writing about what is going on here for the next couple days. The past few days here have been super busy. We are in the middle of midterms so we have lots of big assignments. For history we had to do an ethnography project of which we could choose any topic. My group chose religion and we interviewed locals in the settlements of Wemyss Bight and Rock Sound. For that project after attending 3 settlement days and doing lots of readings about interviews and ethnography, each group had to create a short 15 minute video about what they learned and include interviews with the locals. Each person then had to write a 3-4 page paper. Another project we have this week is the beach plastics art project. We have been learning all about plastic and plastics in the oceans and have to create a sculpture made solely of beach plastics. For my project I created a fish net and made small plastic bottle shaped cut outs of some beach plastic and put those inside the fish net. It looks like a school of fish inside a fish net but when you get closer you realize they are plastic bottles. I thought it was a cool way to represent how much plastic there is in the oceans. We also have started the Human Ecology projects this week. The project is called “change bombs” and we have to find a way to improve the community. Some groups we have are planting grasses to prevent shoreline erosion, creating a medicinal herb garden, and creating an artificial reef. This morning we had an option to run 5 miles or 3 and my running partner and I chose to run five. Today we also have Community Outreach and my group is working on a community garden with the seventh graders at Deep Creek middle school. There is so much to do here and never a dull moment!