by Carly Shea This morning the Caciques planned a run to High Rock and back. High Rock is a rocky ledge about 2 miles from campus that you jump from into the ocean. We did this at the beginning of the semester and before we jumped off high rock Peter talked to us about immersing ourselves in the semester. He told us to jump into the semester and think about why we were here. With that we jumped into the water and ran the two miles back to school. Now that we are almost halfway done with the semester we did the same run again and one of the caciques Ella told us while we were running to think about a goal we wanted to accomplish before the end of the semester. Some goals were to finish the half marathon under two hours or complete their Human Eco project. My goal was to be proud of my semester and everything I accomplish here. As we all jumped into the water we thought about what it was that we wanted to accomplish for the rest of the semester and took a big first step.