by Morgen Montgomery Hello everyone! This is Morgen again. As another week passes by, we realize the routine we have gotten used to is about to change. We have a lot to look forward to next weekend, as our first 8-day kayak group will depart, but first we must endure in midterm week. Students are scrambling to finish our last papers due Monday and Tuesday, knowing that after that we have a well-deserved break.

Yesterday the Caciques led a successful run to High Rock, similar to what we did in the beginning of the semester. Last time, we symbolically “jumped” into the semester, but this time, each student made a personal goal for the rest of the semester. This was a really nice morning because we haven’t all been together for a morning exercise in a while. Later yesterday morning, we had our community meeting. These always prove to be a highlight of each student’s week. We aim to learn more about each other, and this week we sought to learn more about how others see us. Through a process called a Johari Window, we were able to write about how we see ourselves from the outside, then what people may not visibly see, and then what others see in us. This was a powerful exercise, led by Ashley, and students were really able to bond with each other, along with faculty. During exploration time yesterday, girls were able to enjoy a deep clean of the dorms (again!!), while boys threw Jon Shatz a surprise Bachelor party. It’s safe to say he was very, very surprised. They enjoyed a nice afternoon of throwing rocks and conch shells.

Today, run- swim tracks split up once again for Saturday sprint morning. Today, we have a three-hour querencia period to look forward to, followed by history and literature classes. After a nice day of classes to end the week, we have a bonfire and night snorkel at Sunrise Beach, planned by last week’s Caciques to look forward too. Though we have a lot of work to complete for next week, everyone is looking forward to a peaceful night with the community after a tough week.

We have so much to look forward too, as the main events we have heard about constantly throughout the semester are quickly approaching us. I ensure you your children are having a great time and are working very hard to finish up strong!