An editorial note to parents reading: though Morgen and Ella had some fun with writing this blog, rest assured that have been no fist-fights, sunk kayaks, or students forgotten on solo. Hello parents and friends! This is Morgen and Ella, sorry if you are getting bored with our blog posts, but chores haven’t switched in a while! This past week we had Midterm meetings with each of our teachers who gave us on update on how we are doing up to this point. You also have a letter from your children coming your way, summarizing the feedback they received from Midterms.

After much anticipation, kayak groups have been posted! There is a lot of excitement around campus and only two fist-fights about groups. I (Morgen) was caught of guard by finding out I am leaving Saturday for 8-day, but I am very excited to be departing with a fun group of people led by Jon and Brady. Woohooo! Other groups will either be going on their Down Island Trip, or on campus for another academic rotation. Bombs of change are dropping all over campus after everyone’s Human Ecology Projects were approved. Projects include everything from creating underwater sculptures and cookbooks to growing medicinal herbs and revitalizing the Poo Poo Garden.

Random shouts out day!!

  • Shoutout to Chris Teufel for making all the way to Deep Creek on our Tuesday run, completing nine miles!
  • Shoutout to Eliza and Lyndell’s parents, your daughters had their birthdays this week in case you forgot
  • Shoutout to Caroline and Ella’s parents, they made some really good gorp a few days ago
  • Shoutout to Dale and Asher, leading swim- track kids on long exercise on Tuesday.
  • Shoutout to Max’s parents, your son is an extremely fast sprinter.
  • To Liahs parent: your daughter is a perfectionist.
  • Shoutout to this week’s caciques (Colin M, Carly, Duncan, Cutter, and Chris) for saying they have a lot of fun events planned but then not following through, but its ok midterm week is overwhelming!!
  • Shoutout to our very own Jason and Kate, for getting married today. The best of luck to you two.

Don’t fret if you don’t get a phone time from your child this week, they were probably forgotten at their solo, or their kayak sank. The events we have been waiting for all semester are approaching, and the mood around campus is very energized. Your children are happy and about to embark on new adventures. They miss you and are excited to see you for parents weekend. You probably won’t hear from us (Morgen and Ella) again, so it’s been nice writing to you. Bye!