Good morning! My name is Eliza and I will be writing the blog for today. Over the weekend with K1 gone on their Kayak and K2 away on their three day down island trip to North Eleuthera, I along with the rest of K3 and K4 have been here on campus, taking most of our regular classes despite the twisted kayak schedule. Saturday afternoon started up our weekend fun. At 3:30 all of us on campus took the vans to a nearby settlement called Wemyss Bight to compete in the annual Chris Brown (Bahamian Olympic medalist) 4 mile race. After hanging around for an hour waiting for the race to begin all we could listen to was the MC saying over and over again “if you beat me you get $50, if you beat me you get $50”, so by the time the race started and ended with John Shatz coming in first, we still are waiting for him to receive his $50. After dinner at The Island School we headed back to Wemyss Bight for their Homecoming celebration. Although there wasn’t as much dancing as we expected, I think most of us Island School students were pretty content with the food stands where I got a virgin pina colada and conch fritters, finally allowing me to appreciate the Bahamian love for conch. Over the past 24 hours the campus has been bustling with people coming and going. Yesterday K3 and K4 had our regular classes and a long research block. K2 made it back from their down island trip at around 2:00pm right before the rain came. As it started to pour all that we could think about here on campus, besides the fact that we were chilly for the first time all semester, was imagining K1 out on their 8-Day Kayak trip, trying to find shelter from the deluge. By the time everyone was back from our long research blocks, the rain cleared and K2 took advantage of their last time to shower before setting off for kayak. After dinner as K2 continued to pack up their belongings, I along with the rest of my class were working on our homework for the class we begin today called Humanities, which is a mixture of Histories and Literature. The other half of us who are in the second-class rotation, headed out for their first night dive at Tunnel Rock, dressed not in the usual bathing suit, spandex, sports bra, apparel but instead, for everyone’s first time, the wetsuits were pulled out! Everyone in racers got back to campus at around 9:30pm. All I heard was good things about the bioluminescence, swimming the tunnel and just the overall experience of diving in the dark. I can’t wait for my turn on Thursday! All right, I’m headed down to the dock to say bye to K2 as they head off on their 8-Day. Goodbye for now!