Hey here from The Island School! My name is Kiley Knott and I’ll be writing the blog this week. I have just completed my academic week. We had a very packed schedule throughout this as well as a new class: Humanities. This is a combination of Histories and Literature. Both classes have been discussing tourism so they were joined temporarily and team-taught. As for other subjects, we did a lot of work on our Human Ecology Projects and Research Results Assignment. We had long field blocks for each so that we could go out and do some hands-on activities. My research group took this opportunity to go out to our distant site and drop cameras that record video of sharks. Although each day was very busy, we also had a fun. On Saturday, we went to The Ride For Hope. This is a bike ride in Governor’s Harbor about an hour or so north of The Cape. This ride raises awareness about cancer and is a very popular event every year. We went and cheered on Island School Faculty as well as members of CEI. Everyone got particularly excited when Maxey rode by on his “Iron Horse” and the day was full of entertainment.

Another big part of our week came on Wednesday. After a long morning exercise, K1 and K2 had been eagerly anticipating the return of K3. All throughout the evening people were reunited and there shouts of delight. Once everyone was showered and ready, all 48 of us headed down to a bonfire on Boy’s Dorm Beach. Everyone sat and talked around the warmth and I got to talk to people I hadn’t seen in almost 3 weeks. This event really brought us back together after weeks of separation. We’d had many bonfires before so it seemed a fitting way to recognize the completeness of the students once more. This late Wednesday night was really a pick-me-up for everyone and a great idea by our Caciques.

This week had a a lot of ups and downs for each person. Some students transitioning back into classes, some wishing they would end already, but we are all happy to have a full dorm and be able to count off at circle.