Happy Halloween from The Island School! It’s a little late but we’re ready to celebrate. On Thursday, we had some time to plan costumes with our Community Outreach buddies. Tonight the whole school is going to the Levy Preserve in Governor’s Harbor. On out Down Island Trip, we visited this natural plant haven and learned about many medicinal plants. However, we have more exciting plans from this evening. We are dressing up and attending a haunted house will all of the Deep Creek Middle School kids as well as some of the local kids. After all that fun, I’m sure we will be tired. Good thing we have a sleep in tomorrow! I know everyone here is excited to wake up late and have a relaxing morning. I’ll probably go on the free dive tomorrow morning. Since learning to free dive, I have improved greatly. At first, I could only go down maybe 15 feet and everyone else was going through tunnels down at 50. It was a little discouraging at first, but with some tips from Maxey and my fellow students I began to get much better. Although I still can’t hold my breath too well, I’ve started to make it down to about 35 feet most dives. This is the case for many other budding divers, but we are all really improving and having fun and get up early to show it.

Tomorrow there will also be other activities. A few weeks ago we went to Deep Creek to play basketball one afternoon and my five on five team won! It was really fun and even though I only scored one basket I’d love to do it again. On the opposite end, last week there was a softball game versus some local kids and we got destroyed 28-4. Even so, it was really exciting and a great way to spend a Sunday. Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow? I might bike out into the inner loop and spend the day really exploring.