by Dale Lattanzio The past couple of days here on campus have been extremely busy. With beloved CEI interns leaving, analytical essays, and research projects it has been quite an emotional academic experience for many of us students. In research many of the groups are nearing the end of their data collection and we are beginning to see the results and meaning to our experiments. With our practice in scientific writing and anthropology we have written a scientific results portion and an analytical essay on the effects of tourism in the Caribbean. Although exhausted, the energy this morning at morning exercise was through the roof. Today on run track we ran interval sprints, and then on the way back to campus we did buddy sprints as a group while chanting each other’s names for encouragement. Its truly an incredible experience to have a group of students of all sorts of athletic backgrounds pushing each other in preparation for the half marathon or four mile super swim. Today was one of my favorite morning exercises and I’m looking forward to working with the group before the long exercise.