Yesterday was an eventful day. With a large period of our day committed to our Human Ecology Change Bomb projects we accomplished a lot of work. Students could be found gardening, pouring concrete, conducting interviews, drying plants, and all sorts of other jobs for their perspective projects. My group created some wooden molds for us to pour concrete into for our underwater sculpture. Our underwater sculpture is designed to be a meaningful underwater art piece that students and other people will be able to visit and explore after we sink it. After cutting the plywood to size we made our form. Once we finished the molds we poured our glass and sand aggregate concrete mix into them to start to form the components of our underwater sculpture. Later that evening we were all able to kick back at the Guy Fawkes Day Celebration. After growing up in England for most of my life it was great to celebrate one of my favorite English holidays. The holiday originates from when a man named Guy Fawkes put barrels of gunpowder under the famous houses of parliament in a plot to blow it up. He was caught and then hung, drawn, and quartered. There was a bonfire on boys dorm beach, sparklers, candy apples, fireworks, and even a traditional Guy Fawkes dummy to throw on the fire. It was a fantastic way to take a break during study hours and enjoy the evening with fellow students, teachers, and CEI interns. This morning we had an exhilarating and strange morning exercise. The whole school joined in on a game of quidditch. There were soccer balls, footballs, frisbees, and a human snitch to comprise out match. It was a heap of fun and hopefully we will get to do it again.