I was in K3 this week, meaning that on last Friday I began my 3 days of Scuba training and on Monday I left for my 3 day kayak trip. The first day of Scuba was tough, we practiced basic skills in girl’s dorm cut and tried unsuccessfully to avoid the hordes of jellies which live there. 

The next couple days were much better, though, as we watched ourselves improve exponentially. We explored beautiful dive sites like Tunnel Rock and Something to Sea, saw barracudas, lionfish, and sharks, and mastered difficult skills like swimming without a mask underwater and breathing using your buddy’s alternate air source. Now we are proud and certified scuba divers and we can’t wait to keep seeing new sites and getting better.

Photo by Jake Atwood


Photo by Jake Atwood

After scuba my group set out on our 3 day kayak trip.


We paddled miles and miles and ended up getting as far away as the Rock Sound airport. The days were sunny and beautiful and my group didn’t even get that sunburned. We also took breaks during the day to snorkel and free dive some blue holes where we saw a 12 foot nurse shark, 40 inch barracuda, and too many sting rays to count. When we got to camp we enjoyed hanging around on the beach and at night we heard some great ghost stories around the campfire from Braden and Vienna.

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Overall, it was a great trip and I can’t wait for the 8 day kayak later this semester.

by Jake Atwood