The students at The Island School cannot believe that parent’s weekend is officially a day away! The fact that we will be reuniting with our family for the first time in nearly two months is beyond exciting. In the mean time there is a lot to do on the Island School Campus in preparation for the arrival of our parents.


When our parents and siblings first come they will get a quick tour of the campus and then they are whisked off immediately to the art gallery where the cumulative artwork we have been working on this semester will be on display.


At the moment we are finishing the final parts of bringing the art show together but we are ahead of schedule so I am sure that it will come together beautifully.

IMG_8879 IMG_8880

Besides the art gallery the students are all gearing up for the final research presentations. At this point all of the research groups have presented there first run through to a small audience but we are still scrambling to make last minute changes to further perfect our performances.


What all the students are really looking forward to is alone time with their family to share all of the treasures that The Island School and Eleuthera withhold. There will be scheduled activities such as scuba dives and kayaking on campus for the students to do with their parents and I'm sure just about every student is excited to have the opportunity to start exploring the rest of the island!

Eleuthera, The Bahamas

There are plenty of great sights around the island, near and far. In South Eleuthera the two biggest attractions that Island School students know are the Rock Sound Ocean Hole and Lighthouse Beach. Lighthouse beach is an expansive Atlantic pink sand beach on the southernmost tip of the island, with high cliffs, beautiful sand, and (of course) an old lighthouse, this beach is a must see! This is also where the students took there 48 hour solos during the eight day kayak trips.

Lighthouse Beach. Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Farther north in Rock Sound lays Eleuthera's famous Ocean Hole, visited by the first prime minister of The Bahamas, Lynden Oscar Pindling as well as Jacques Cousteau who tried and failed to find the bottom. This inland saltwater pond is believed to connect to the sea, and teems with fish- it ‘s like snorkeling without getting wet! Another one of the highlight from everyone’s down island trip, which is a great destination for parents, is Glass Window Bridge. Glass Window Bridge is the narrowest part of the Island and if you look to either side you will see a drastic contrast of the color of the ocean. On the Caribbean side the water is a vibrant turquoise, on the Atlantic side it is deep blue. Surrounding it are treacherous limestone cliffs that paint a dramatic landscape. These are just some of the many amazing sights that one can see on Eleuthera and some of the families will have the luck to do so.

Eleuthera, The Bahamas

by Faith Isham and Patrick Friend