The tables were set and the food was ready, all that was missing were the parents. Sure enough at 5 o’clock sharp cars started rolling into the driveway. Students massed together outside the girls dorm waiting excitedly for their parents to finally arrive and cheering when each student ran and gave their family the much anticipated hug.

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The next few hours were spent giving tours of the beautiful campus and showing off the art gallery.

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At 6:30 we gather to circle and for the first time as we counted off we were all together and the parents were already learning about life at The Island School.


Dinners with advisory groups followed and at 8 o’clock families were ushered off of campus so that we could prepare for our research presentations the next day.

Thursday morning parents continued to learn about the Island School when they joined their students during morning exercise and either participated in run or swim track.


Morning exercise was followed by breakfast with our families and then the much anticipated research presentation.

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After the presentations we gathered at the flagpole to pose for a parent's weekend group photo and then geared up for an afternoon filled with student-teacher conferences.


Friday morning we gathered as a group at 6:30 to prepare for a run to High Rock where we watched our families take the jump just like we did at the beginning of the semester.

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The day was filled with directors presentations and the opening of The Center for Sustainable Development!


Friday night was highly anticipated as it was the coffee house! Highlights included a rap by Sam, Cole and Max, a father daughter guitar duet and a group sing along lead by Sam's dad Ernie Parizeau.

Saturday was spent exploring the Island as students led their parents throughout Eleuthera. Many spent there time exploring beaches all around, eating lots of food and enjoying time with their families. And now we are trying to make the most of our 17 days left of the semester. Now that we are in our last academic week, we are starting to look forward to the finals ahead, the half marathon and the super swim, the research symposium and our last few weeks with our best friends.

by Faith, Patrick, Julia, Robin and Boden