A native of New York City, student Leo Batali found the quieter pace of life on Eleuthera an adjustment at first. A little over a month in to the semester, however, here's what he has to see about his new home: the boy's dorm. Leo and fellow boy's dorm members Dakota and Wyatt dressed and ready for a recent World Cup soccer tournament.

I have never lived with a group of kids in all my life, I have never gone away to sleep away camp, or gone to boarding school, every night I would come back to my house and sleep in my room in my bed with no one else in the house but my brother, my parents, my dog and I.  But coming from New York City I am constantly surrounded by millions of people: their yelling, their screaming, and their trash; but when I’m in my apartment I am secluded.  It is quiet, clean and organized and sorted the way the I like it, but even if I were to live on the hectic streets of the City it still would not compare to living in boys dorm.  It is by far one of the most fun experiences of my life.  You might think that living with the same twenty-seven boys for one-hundred days might get tiring and boring, but I can assure you it does not, at least up to the thirty-ninth day.  From the moments where everyone is freaking out about homework deadlines to singing and dancing to weird alternative music to rushing your personal space to get in the first shower of the day I am not able to get enough of boys dorm.

Leo Batali