Chris and Pam Maxey are in the midst of their time in India, where they are visiting the Pardada Pardadi School (PPS). Their relationship with this all-girls institution began in October 2015, when the Founder of PPS Sam Singh and Principal Renuka Gupta visited The Island School. One of their goals for this trip was to bring solar energy opportunities to the students of PPS with the help of We Share Solar, a charity founded by Island School parent, Gigi Goldman. 

The solar suitcases arrived safely, and this week has seen the installation of the first two - one in the Math lab to be used as an educational tool, and the second in the home of one of the students, where there is no electricity. Chris and Pam demonstrated the installation of the first kit, inspiring the students by applying themselves to the work at hand and by bringing enthusiasm to the table. They had the girls assist with all parts of the process, and then encouraged them to take initiative in the installation of the remaining panels. This has helped each of them grow more confident, as they now find by themselves the directions the panels should face and the angle at which they should be mounted. It has been an incredible growing experience for all involved, and will provide an invaluable resource to the students of the Pardada Pardadi School.