This morning brought ongoing winds to our campus, but nothing with enough strength to cause any damage at all, even to our gardens.


With minimal debris on campus, we continue to wait out the weather. No rains have come at this point. We have been quite lucky, especially with thanks to our on-campus resources. We have had access to regular meals, plentiful water, and electricity from our generator.

For our students, this morning began with an optional 7 AM yoga class, followed by a regular morning circle (albeit indoors). Everyone then jumped in line for breakfast - it feels like another regular day. Even Mooch came to campus this morning to facilitate kitchen duties.


Students will have free time this morning and continue their classes of Environmental Art and Seminar.

Keep a lookout for further updates both here and on our Facebook page. We continue to monitor Irma closely, and continue to send well-wishes to our neighboring islands and to Florida. Thank you to everyone who has tirelessly watched our status and sent us bids of safe-keeping. If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our staff up in our Boston office by email at or by phone at (866) 730-6624.