Student Update November 23, 2012

It’s the day after Thanksgiving (Happy Black Friday)! Yesterday at the Island School was a great day. It was full of laughs, giving thanks, as well as classes. In Human Ecology, we continued to work on our final projects. It was great to see each project coming together as the Human Ecology Extravaganza in the upcoming week approaches, where we’ll all be presenting what we've accomplished with our group. After classes, the whole community came together dressed up at dinner circle. Each one of us at circle went around saying what we were thankful for. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here at the Island School and to be part of such a wonderful community. After giving thanks, we all sat down in the dining hall. The walls of the dining hall were decorated with the hand turkey drawings we made, as well as the final touches of the Caciques and faculty. All the tables were covered in a nice table cloth and we had special lighting went around the entire patio. The meal we had was delicious with everybody’s favorites: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy. My personal favorite was the desserts with pumpkin pie, cookies, ice cream, and much more. It was great to see the whole Island School community come together, including CEI, all the faculty, and the lovely kitchen ladies. We hope everybody back home had a great Thanksgiving.

The next update will be on Monday because we have some big, big events planned for this weekend. Starting tomorrow is the half-marathon and the super-swim–– something that everyone has been training for since the beginning of the semester. I’m not feeling that nervous right now, but I’m sure when the time comes for me to jump in the ocean and swim four miles, I will be. But as of right now, I feel ready. The runners also seem ready for their thirteen miles. I've heard that they've been packing some serious mileage over the past couple weeks and I can’t wait to cheer them on tomorrow morning.

Student Update November 22, 2012

[slideshow] My name is Brian and I’m excited to be writing the student blog for the rest of the semester. Some random facts about me are that I like to run and I like eating grits with lots of peanut butter and jelly.

The past couple days have been a whirlwind of classes and schoolwork. On Tuesday in Histories class we all participated in a mock stakeholder meeting wherein we discussed the upcoming mega-resort Baha Mar which is being built in Nassau. Each student had different roles in the meeting ranging from the Bahamian government, local Bahamians, environmentalists, and the Chinese government. I was the role of a US businessman representing the hotels and the airlines involved in the development in Baha Mar. Everybody got really into these roles and many dressed up or even put goofy mustaches on to really fit into their roles. There was a lot of heated, but friendly discussion. We learned a lot about the different perspectives that go into making big decisions about local development. And, it was really interesting and fun to be someone other than Island School student.

On Wednesday, we continued to work on our final Human Ecology projects. I’m part of the Inner Loop group and what we’re doing is marking landmarks and trails in the loop to encourage more students to go exploring. Yesterday was a big day for our group as we were finally able to engrave words into our signs with the help of our friends Chris and Ash over at the wood shop. The signs came out beautiful and we put some finishing touches on them by putting some paint to make the words pop out.

Today is Thanksgiving (already?!). Many of us are excited, but also find it hard to believe since we’re so far away from home. But still in the spirit of Thanksgiving we all made hand Turkeys last night and decorated the dining hall. I also can’t wait for the special dinner tonight. We hope all the parents doing well back home, and we wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful Gobbles

Student Update November 20, 2012

Yesterday we had our final CO class with our DCMS buddies.  In Grade 9, we have been talking a lot about food on Eleuthera, and food in general, so our buddies came to Island School so we could watch a movie called King Corn.  The movie was about how a main ingredient of our diet is corn, and how corn has been genetically modified so it can be processed.  One thing from the movie that resonated with me was a scene where they took a piece of a man’s hair, and showed him that even his hair contained corn in it.  From soda to hamburgers to chips, most things that we are eating contain corn, and this is shown in our bodies.  We were not able to finish the movie and watch the section that talks about solutions to this problem, but I really enjoyed watching the movie because I didn't even know how big of a problem this was. After watching the movie, we went over to DCMS for the Basketball Jamboree.  [slideshow]We got out of the van, and the smell of conch fritters and fried chicken was in the air, music was playing, and kids were shooting around on the basketball court.  The first game started and people gathered around the basketball court to watch the 10-minute game.  When people weren't playing, they were talking around picnic tables with their buddies and friends, waiting for their game to start, or just hanging out with their buddies for the last time.  We got through about 7 games before it was time for the DCMS bus to leave to take people home.  When the bus was about to leave, people were running around frantically trying to find their buddies so they could say goodbye.  I was in the van about to leave because I thought my buddy was about to leave, and I saw her heading into the classroom to pick up her backpack, so I sprinted out of the van to give her a hug and take a picture before we both left.  CO this semester has been a lot of fun, and it has been great to learn about school and life on Eleuthera through our buddies.

DCMS Grade 9 Visit US Boarding Schools

The Deep Creek Middle School supports some of our students as they apply for enrollment and scholarships at U.S boarding schools. Bronthaye Rolle (grade 9) writes about their recent trip: [slideshow]

We had awesome tours at all of the schools we visited. We had a great time during our trip. We visited Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA), Lawrence Academy (MA), The Putney School (VT), Hebron Academy (ME), Berkshire School (MA), Vermont Academy (VT), The Darrow School (NY), Kents Hill (ME), and New Yarmouth Academy (ME). All of these schools were beautiful and filled with talented students. We came to love them and hope to be enrolled in one of them next year. Personally, I had a really fantastic trip. I know that by working harder, achieving higher SSAT scores and contining to be an honor roll student, I will meet the standard that is required and will be accepted in one next year. That is my goal.

Others agree. “The Boarding School Trip was a blast! We visited a variety of schools. I have a lot of favorites. In addition we all bonded and had a great time visiting new places and meeting new people,” said Breanna Leary. “This experience was awesome. Visiting the schools and learning about a different culture was good exposure for me and I’m excited to experience more of it,” said Keniesha Pinder. “The opportunity to experience all of what those schools had to offer was great. I’m looking forward to exploring and learning about one of them,” said Shawnea Neeily.

As you can see, we are all excited about studying in the U.S. We all hope to be enrolled in one of these great schools next year. Special thanks to all the following school supporters for hosting us on our trip:

  • The Ellisons (Cate F’12)
  • The Osborns (Meghan S’10)
  • The Twomblys (Hannah S’11)
  • Bobbi Hallig
  • The Freemans