Summer Term 2013 Has Begun!

Yesterday marked the start of Summer Term 2013! This morning, the students snorkeled at the wreck off Boys' Dorm Beach and witnessed a beautiful sunrise. Stay tuned for a video of all the students coming later this weekend! 2013-06-29__DSC6703 (06-16-41)2013-06-29__DSC6746 (07-06-52)

Fall 2013 Communications Internship

The Cape Eleuthera Island School seeks an enthusiastic, motivated and driven individual to join its communications and marketing team in a volunteer role as Communications Intern. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated interest and/or education and experience in communications and marketing. This individual will work with all facets of the organization to promote our facilities and programs and share our work and ideologies with our alumni base, the scientific community, and the wider world. This is a 4-month internship at The Island School Campus, Eleuthera, Bahamas, reporting directly to the Director of Communications. To read more information on the internship and how to apply, click here!

Pam & Chris Sail Through St. Lucia

Pam and Chris are sailing north from Grenada and stopped in St. Lucia, home of Derek Walcott, author of every Island Schooler's favorite book, Omeros. Chris on bow entering Soufriere Bay with Petit Piton in the back

Achille heading out to sea under power

Quest for Excellence NYC Award

The Island School is proud to announce that Kevin He is the recipient of our first Quest for Excellence NYC Award! Kevin distinguished himself as a straight A student who challenges himself by having taken 4 advanced Math Classes last year and winning a gold medal in a greater NYC area Math competition. Kevin tutors younger students in Math and co-founded a ping pong club. But what caught our eye most was Kevin's response to the question, "If you could could live anywhere for 6 months, where would you visit and why?" Kevin offered, "I would fly to the Galapagos to release my adventurous self. While there, I would spy on sea turtles at night and explore the islands by day." We are sure that Kevin will have an amazing adventure with us during our Island School Summer Term this year! Award winner Kevin He, Island School Director of Admission, Sharon Jarboe, Quest for Excellence NYC Program Manager, Rachel Fishbein

The Quest for Excellence NYC Award is in it's first year and is run as a part of the QuestBridge organization. QuestBridge's essential mission is "to connect America's brightest low income students to America's best universities and opportunities." The Island Scholar is proud to partner with Quest for Excellence NYC in order to offer world class Summer enrichment to a deserving student. Other partners in this program include the Global Citizen Year Program (Gap Year), the Summer Journalism Program at Princeton University, the Great Books Program at Amherst, the Yale Young Global Scholars Program and the Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan University.