The next generation must be prepared to make difficult decisions about sustaining the valuable resources of our planet.

Our green campus allows students, educators and scientists to live what we teach. The buildings and grounds at The Island School incorporate systems and design principles that minimize our ecological footprint through the conservation of collected resources like energy and water. Our campus's Center for Sustainable Development is constantly innovating to improve our sustainable systems on the Cape. Ongoing projects include:

  • Biodiesel production plant to run all campus vehicles
  • Cisterns for rain water collection
  • Solar panels and solar hot water heaters
  • Wind turbine
  • Aquaponics for the dining hall's leafy greens
  • Poo-poo garden processes and recycles human waste to fertilize plants at the center of campus
  • Biodigester for fertilizer production
  • Pigs, goats, ducks and chickens that consume dining hall food waste

The Island School is the first institution in The Bahamas to employ such comprehensive, ecologically sound systems. There is great promise that the school’s efforts will help change the way The Bahamas and other island nations manage waste and produce energy. The students at The Island School work to maintain and manage these systems, learning first-hand the benefits of engineering that reflects a deep-rooted respect for the environment


Aquaponics Program
Farm to Dining Hall

Building Dorm Furniture with
Invasive Casuarina Wood