University Groups

The Island School offers university students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience collaborating with our lead scientists and engineers here at the organization. Our staff at the Island School tailors each program to link our courses and fieldwork with the initiatives of the university’s interest.

While here, university groups have access to our eco-friendly wet and dry labs, boat fleet, field sampling tools, and presentation rooms.


Students have the opportunity to participate in morning exercise and leap, both physically and mentally, into new areas of personal development. While here, they engage as an intentional member of our community by participating in dish crew, adopting daily sustainable-living practices, and much more.

Undergraduate and graduate students are accommodated in our seaside dorm facilities, with programs ranging from 1 - 3 weeks in length.

Our team also offers programs focused on scuba diving (certified or uncertified), as well as camping and expeditions.


For more information, contact Charlotte Nowak.