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CONCHtribution 2017 Letter

Dear Island School Alumnus,

Fall is here, bringing with it a new semester, hurricanes, and excitement at The Island School!

For our alumni community, this means the start of CONCHtribution, running the entire month of October with a special giving week from October 2nd to October 6th!  This alumni giving campaign supports a number of crucial initiatives at The Island School, including financial aid, student diversity, and operations around campus.  Last year you helped raise $52,000, with alumni participation of over 23%.  Thank you for your support, and for your belief in this place!
We are proud to represent you, the Island School alumni, as part of The Island School Board.  As you know, The Island School experience lasts longer than a semester or summer term of sweating, learning, diving and running around the Cape.  In the time since our semester, The Island School has enriched our lives in ways we didn’t expect when boarding the plane in Rock Sound to go home.  It has allowed us to continue to grow and learn even after our time formally being students.

We have continued to meet extraordinary people in this community, many of whom became close friends.  We are inspired and motivated by the work being done in our corner of South Eleuthera.  Co-founding the Mastery Transcript Consortium, hosting the first-ever Young Men’s Leadership Retreat, and making energy from waste are just a few examples of what’s been going on in the last year.  Elsewhere in the world, alumni are doing amazing things—starting companies, teaching, doing research and making their mark.  The Island School offers us so much.  It is a source of inspiration, a support system and a community that challenges us to bring thoughtfulness and purpose to everything we do.  We hope that you will consider giving to help make this work possible.

For this year's CONCHtribution, we are stretching our goal to $55,000 and 30% alumni participation.  We ask for you to reconnect with friends, faculty, and staff from your time on the Cape, reflect on your Island School journey and share your stories with us.   What did this experience mean to you, and how can we work together to keep this place special for you and for semesters to come?  It's incredible to see the impact we are capable of having year after year as an alumni body.  Thank you again for your generous support in the past, and we would deeply appreciate your continued support this October in making The Island School possible for others!

All the best,
Dominique Keefe (Sp'07)
Drew Fink (F'05)
Thatcher Spring (F'99)

Your CONCHtribution co-chairs and alumni board members