Each school responds differently as to how they handle our credits and grades.

Many schools honor our credits for everything and factor our grades into the GPA’s. Other schools accept some credits and do not include our grades in GPA’s (but attach The Island School transcripts as a supplement). Most frequently there is an issue with our math credit and lack of foreign language. Almost all schools accept our science, literature, history, and arts credits as well as the community service hours students earn with us. Many schools offer two science credits for our term. Strategies that schools use to navigate the credit transfer challenges include:

  • Tutoring   Students are with us for 1/3 of a year. Many gaps, especially in math and language can be addressed during winter/summer breaks.
  • Online Learning   Some schools recommend that students fill in gaps with online programs such as the ones provided by Johns Hopkins.
  • Flipping Electives   Some schools will have a student take their history or science electives while with us and use Junior/Senior year for required courses. Our college list reflects that even making these kinds of choices, our students are getting into great colleges!
  • Dropping Honors/AP   Occasionally a student will drop down from 1-2 Honor/AP classes in order to facilitate re-entry.
  • Rescheduling Exams   When a student is asked to take an exam either prior to departure of upon their return, flexibility is key.