There are two expeditions during the semester. The first is a 3-day kayak trip during which students learn the essential hard skills involved in sea kayaking and leave no trace camping. The 3-day expeditions are wonderful introductions to the environment of South Eleuthera and an invaluable bonding experience for the students.

Later in the semester, students apply the hard skills acquired during 3-day trips and develop leadership skills during an 8-day voyage by kayak around the southern point of Eleuthera or on a sailboat with Hurricane Island Outward Bound instructors to the Exuma Land and Sea Park, eastward across Exuma Sound.

Kayakers take turns leading their pod through the day’s route, selecting and setting up a camp site, cooking meals over an open fire, and learning about themselves and each other through campfire activities. Punctuating this 30-nautical-mile trip is a 48-hour solo experience on the windward coast. With only their own thoughts to turn to, the solos are often the most powerful experiences of the students’ semester.

Sailors learn navigation and technical sailing skills as they traverse Exuma Sound.  Out on the water, the boat acts as a closed system. Students will learn about the importance of reducing and reusing the resources allotted on the boat as this mobile classroom teaches students lessons in sustainability.