Expedition Rotations

This three-week block sees students practicing expeditionary learning through a nine-day sail or kayak trip and a five-day car-camping expedition during which students aim to find answers to the question: how does tourism shape a place? This period also includes a few class blocks on campus (Academic Week 6), time dedicated to Research coursework, and the 48-hour solo. Students are in groups of 13 on their expedition, throughout which they are positioned to exercise leadership and ownership within their small community.

Academic Week 7

After having spent the majority of the prior three weeks in small groups, all students come back together this week to complete their academic rotations, prepare for their Parents Weekend research presentations, and continue their training toward the final athletic events.

Fall 2018 Parent's Weekend and Research Presentations

Students spend two days in preparation before welcoming family members on Wednesday, November 15. During this week, students act as host and share their experience with all our visitors, and families meet with their child and advisor to discuss holistic progress throughout the year, as well as with each academic teacher to discuss final academic grades before students begin Final Projects.

Academic Week 8

These final weeks of the semester are dedicated to final academic projects, which ask students to synthesize learning, project plan, think and work with an interdisciplinary lens, and practice agency. During this period, students also take turns supporting one then completing their own final athletic event: the four-mile swim and half marathon. Additionally, students share their final Demonstrations of Learning.

Final Jamboree!

Half Marathon

Students who have been training for the half marathon throughout the semester finally complete the 13.1 mile run while being supported by their peers who chose to train for the swim along with faculty and staff. 

Super Swim

Students who have been training for the super swim throughout the semester finally complete the 4 mile swim while being supported by their peers who chose to run the half marathon along with faculty and staff. 

Final DOLs

Community Day

Fall 2018 Students Depart

Students return home! Final Reports are compiled and sent to sending schools and families shortly after the semester’s end.

Island School 20-Year Reunion

This year marks The Island School's 20th Anniversary! To celebrate this incredible milestone, we will be reflecting on how far The Island School has come since it's founding in 1999 while also looking forward to the future of The Island School and the Cape Eleuthera Foundation as a whole. Please join us in celebration on January 5th, 2019 at the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA - details to follow!