Fall & Spring
Academic Semesters

Our 100-day semester program is place-based and experiential, immersing students in both the natural and cultural landscape of South Eleuthera. Consequently, each course includes a field component. In the applied scientific research course, students collect and analyze data for a wide spectrum of investigations, including fisheries research, sustainable energy and food production systems.

The crux of Humanities coursework stems from cultural immersion experiences throughout the semester. In addition to opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue with Bahamian students at Deep Creek Middle School, Island School students spend considerable time learning from residents of Eleuthera's settlements, small towns of fewer than 1,000 people.

Rounding out the semester are the physical and outdoor education programs. Not only do students spend five mornings each week training for either a half-marathon or four mile open-ocean swim, but also they participate in kayak or sailing expeditions and earn PADI’s Open Water Diver certification. During their second, 8-day expedition, students have the opportunity to reflect on their experience during a 48-hour wilderness solo experience. 

Ultimately, our rigorous program provides a transformative educational experience for our students. Daily life on campus allows Island Schoolers to gain deep understandings of leadership, sustainability, community, and sense of place without the distractions of cell phones and internet, living closely with peers and faculty alike. Our admissions process is competitive; selected students demonstrate solid academic performance, leadership potential, and a high degree of self-motivation.


Fall 2020

August 31
Students Arrive

November 18 - 21
Parents Weekend

December 9
Students Depart

Spring 2021

February 1
Students Arrive

April 21 - 24
Parents Weekend

May 12
Students Depart


The Island School mission for creating a better world through education is both bold and tangible- and the effort they are exerting is creating clear results. A School can be a model of what we want to do in the world. It is a at a scale small enough to get our mind around, yet big enough to be significant.

Dr. David Orr, Professor of Environmental Studies, Oberlin College



We find that the students who attend The Island School return to us with increased environmental awareness and enhanced problem solving skills. For many, the experience seems
nothing short of transformational.

Robert P. Henderson, Head of Noble and Greenough School