The High School Seniors who participate in our Senior Project Program are those individuals who have an interest in interning with an Island School or CEI staff member on a project specified by the needs on campus. Each senior will be assigned a senior project mentor and receive his/her daily schedule and work guidelines from that staff member. Senior Project interns should expect to maintain a full day of work as directed by their mentor and should view this internship as a chance to participate in ongoing research or other campus studies. Senior Project interns will live on campus and be active members of our community for the duration of their stay.

Other Cape Eleuthera Institute Educational Programs for students of all ages, elementary students through university undergraduates. High school graduates may also apply to be research interns with scientists at the Institute.

The Island School offers a variety of programs for post-secondary students, college graduates and professionals looking to enrich themselves personally and professionally. From the Master Teacher program, to our summer Teacher Conference, to our Teaching Fellows program, these opportunities serve to challenge and enlighten participants in our unique setting. Programs are offered year round at our Cape Eleuthera campus where students, educators and researchers live together on an island in a sustainable environment.