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Master Teacher Program

The Master Teacher in Residence Program is designed as a sabbatical opportunity for educators with at least 8 years of experience in subject areas including: field ecology, marine science, anthropology, English literature, visual art, environmental science, research science, and mathematics. This program provides professional development for both the visiting teacher and the faculty at The Island School and neighboring Cape Eleuthera Institute. For the visiting educator, it is a chance to gain exposure to experiential and outdoor education, live on an ecologically designed campus, and rekindle their passion for and creativity in the craft of teaching. For our faculty, it allows our staff to work with an experienced course designer, receive feedback on their development as a teacher, and gain access to the wisdom of a professional with years of experience.

Am I A Good Candidate?

This program is not for everyone. The rural location of the school and the challenges of living on a green campus require a great deal of flexibility. Candidates must be comfortable working in a small, intentional community, navigating the complexities of living in a foreign culture, and willing to experiment with alternate philosophies and strategies of education. Our pedagogy is founded on principles of place-based, hands-on education that requires the students to take ownership over the learning. Consequently, Harkness discussions typify our classroom activities, and field work is pivotal to each course. Familiarity with these methods, as well as knowledge of tropical marine environments and Caribbean cultures, are extremely beneficial to an applicant’s candidacy.

Quick Facts:

  • Length of Stay: 9 weeks min.; ideally full semester (18 weeks)
  • Stipend:  Dependent on length of stay and arrangement with home school
  • Housing: Housing provided by the school
  • Food: All meals provided by the school
  • Transportation:Shared school vehicles are available for basic necessities; cars can be rented locally for personal excursions


  • Team teaching 1 section of 12 students
  • Attending weekly department meetings
  • Conducting classroom observations across all disciplines
  • Attending most school meals and important school events
  • Attending weekly faculty & community meetings


  • Room and board provided for family
  • Access to school resources, including vehicles and boats
  • Flexible teaching schedule to accommodate travel and exploration of Eleuthera
  • Cultural immersion in the local Bahamian community
  • Re-energize about the craft of teaching
  • Connect to the natural world through place-based learning
  • Live on a “green” campus
  • Tuition to Deep Creek Middle School for children in grades 6-8
  • Certification in SCUBA , participation on sea kayak expeditions

We are currently accepting applications.

Candidates wishing to be considered should submit their application to