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Summer Term

“A day feels like a month and a month flies like a day.”

This is a common sentiment heard around a table at the dining hall at The Island School, and it speaks to what Summer Term students experience.

The Island School Summer Term is a 30-day intensive program focused on questioning what it means to live well in a place. Through a rigorous course of study that includes field work in local ecosystems, explorations of local settlements and the socioeconomic impacts of development, and dynamic involvement in the systems and resources upon which we rely, Summer Term students grapple with how communities – whether on an island in The Bahamas or in a town in the states – can live most sustainably.

The Island School’s remote location and Summer Term curriculum invites students to think about resources upon which we rely:

  • Where does our food come from?
  • How do we get fresh water?
  • How do we protect fragile ecosystems?
  • How can we harness natural sources of energy
  • How much does all of this cost?

Issues of equality, economics, culture, and policy as related to The Bahamas will be explored. Meanwhile, students will be introduced to marine research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute as they engage in science that is crucial to our understanding of one of our greatest resources: our oceans. Every participant will leave with a greater understanding of, and admiration for, the world around them, and the knowledge to make their home community more sustainable.

Summer Term is not a summer camp as students will earn a science credit in Human Ecology. Students will be asked to complete written and oral assessments that allow them to synthesize their nightly reading, field experiences, and discussions. At the same time, students will be actively involved – both physically and intellectually – in their learning experience. Educational opportunities during the day range from two hours of exploring a mangrove creek both above and below the surface of the water, to a walk through the land surrounding school not just learning about local plants, but using them in their next meal. Students earn their PADI Open Water Dive certification so that they can spend time recognizing the ecological services of the underwater world.

Students’ routine includes the same physical challenge that Island School semester students embrace: five mornings each week of training for a culminating endurance event of running and swimming. Additionally, Summer Term students will venture out in kayaks and experience a 24-hour solo in order to reflect on their learning on Eleuthera.

Ultimately, the rigorous schedule and programs create a transformative experience for our students, who gain deep understandings of leadership, sustainability, community and sense of place. Our admissions process is competitive; selected students demonstrate solid academic performance, leadership potential and a high degree of self-motivation.

Program at a Glance

When: June 26-July 26

Who: Rising 10th-12th graders


Summer Term 2016 Calendar

June 26: Students Arrive

July 23-26Parents Weekend

July 26: Students Depart

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