The Short Courses team offers middle school and high school students the ability to step outside of their comfort zones and become immersed in our diverse island community. During their program, students are encouraged to give up their cellphones in order to remove unnecessary distractions and promote mindfulness of their surroundings and experiences.

Students participate in morning exercise and leap, both physically and mentally, into new areas of personal development. While here, students engage as intentional members of our community by participating in dish crew, adopting daily sustainable-living practices, volunteering with our local community, and much more.

Our programs range from one to two weeks in length and focus on sustainable energy, ongoing environmental research, marine ecology, local outreach, and various aspects of personal development. The students and chaperones are accommodated in our seaside dorm facilities that can house up to 40 individuals total.

Our team also offers programs focused on camping, expeditions, and scuba diving for both certified and uncertified groups.