We believe that the best people to hear from about our program are those who have lived it for themselves! Please enjoy learning from some of our 2015 - 2016 students, who they are, where they come from, and what they have to say about their experience at The Island School. We hope you see a student on this list that reminds you of yourself. If you would like to talk more with an ambassador, please submit the form at the bottom of this page with your name, contact information, and who you would like to speak with. The ambassador will reach out to you shortly after! 



  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Springfield Central High School
  • Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts 
  • Interests: Cross country running, baseball, theater, swimming

"I attended the Island School for a couple of reasons; my initial reason for applying (after first hearing about it) was I wanted something different for school. I had fallen into a lull in school and wanted something different where I could thrive as a student. The second reason, once I familiarized myself with the program, was that I wanted to challenge myself. When I looked at the academic structure, the exercise requirements, and the structured schedule, I knew it would be a challenge for me and I wanted a challenge."

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  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: East Grand Rapids High School
  • Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Interests: Soccer, hiking, painting, volunteering

"I attended the Island School because I wanted something different. I was on a predictable cycle of school, sports, and my social life every day every year. Island School gave me a chance to take a break from that and allowed me to experience things I would've never thought I could do. The solo and half marathon really caught my attention because I knew it would be such a unique experience to have at a young age. My biggest takeaway was that I learned that I was capable of things that I never thought I could be. I learned how to be independent but have a community to support me. Most importantly, I learned how to be a good leader and more well-rounded person."

Jenna Gersie.jpg


  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Ethical Culture Fieldston School
  • Hometown: Bronx, New York
  • Interests: Football, beach volleyball, fitness

"My biggest takeaway from The Island School is that now I know I have an extremely different perspective from anyone else on the planet, even the other 49 students that were apart of my semester, and I am comfortable with that. I’ve become more confident intellectually, which has been an obstacle of mine since before I left. I no longer view myself as just a "student-athlete”. Recognizing who I am as a student, a friend, but also a member of a very successful community is something that I learned while away, and it is something that I will never forget."

Cam Raguse.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Camden Hills Regional High School
  • Hometown: Camden, Maine
  • Interests: Rowing, drawing, hiking, interact club

"The community at The Island School was my favorite aspect of the entire experience. All of the incredible experiences I had, places I went, and new things I learned would not have been as memorable if I were not surrounded by the supportive, strong community that Island School holds, no matter the semester. I felt so accepted and safe there, and when I was going through a hard time, I felt that community doing everything they could to help me through. I learned the value of community and that it is the people you surround yourself with that can make a place home."

Alex Cook.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: St. Luke's School
  • Hometown: Darien, CT
  • Interests: Hockey, golf, volunteering

"Being at the Island School is a tremendously special experience. Without technology interfering and distracting everyone, we were able to form great bonds with students and faculty through shared experiences. I know many of my Island School friends better than I know many of my friends from home who I have known for years. The relationships you make during your time at the Island School are incredible and will serve you for the rest of your life."

Leigh Schmitt.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School
  • Hometown: Bronx, New York
  • Interests: Basketball, poetry writing, volleyball

"I came to the Bahamas unable to swim. As a defense mechanism, I had developed a fear of the water, especially the thought of sticking my head underwater. However, there I was at 6:30 every morning, walking waist-high into the water.  My goal was to not only learn to stay afloat but to swim a certain ambitious distance.  I wanted to complete a four-mile super swim. It did not come easy, but I learned to push myself past all my fears and physical limitations. If you are looking to truly push yourself out of your comfort zone to learn things about yourself and those different from you, this is the perfect place to do so."

Liz Slingsby.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Lincoln-Sudbury High School
  • Hometown: Lincoln, Massachusetts
  • Interests: Soccer, cinematography, fishing, photography

"Any student has to understand when applying to the Island School that it isn’t some vacation/walk in the park.  The Island School is so mentally, physically and emotionally taxing, but by the end of those 100 days every person will be changed for the better. I applied to the Island School because I was craving an experience entirely different than what I was used to.  At home, we follow these strict, and ordinary paths, and the Island School completely defies this idea.  I wanted to push my comfort zone and become a more independent and confident person."


Rikka Wommack.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Sophomore
  • Sending School: Phillips Exeter Academy 
  • Hometown: North Plainfield, NJ
  • Interests: Environmental Proctorship, Exeter Refugee Project, Student Listening, Democratic Club

"100 days, for me, was the perfect amount of time to learn about myself and the world and people that surround me! Alongside many, many others, my greatest takeaway from my Island School experience is the confidence and comfort with trying new things, whether or not they work out. I was a novice swimmer upon arrival, and no less than two weeks later I began training for a four-mile swim! I had never sailed a day in my life, yet halfway through my semester I found myself on a sailboat for eight days, tacking and jibing across the Exuma Sound! The Island School taught me to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and I have never felt more comfortable!"

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  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: St. Anne's Belfield School
  • Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
  • Interests: Traveling, surfing, soccer, baseball, hockey, mentoring, rugby

"My favorite part about The Island School was being able to overcome challenges while exploring my passion for the ocean. There is no better place to become the best person you can be while being surrounded by an incredible environment with incredible people. While at The Island School, I realized the importance of doing what you love and escaping normalcy. I developed more as a person who is now constantly chasing new experiences."

Flora Weeks.jpg


  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: The Bush School
  • Hometown: Seattle, WA
  • Interests: Soccer, frisbee, piano, ukelele 

"My favorite part about The Island School was the variety opportunities we had access to. From doing hands on research to getting involved with the local middle school, we were held with respect and responsibility in a way I have never had before. I also loved the outdoor expeditions because we were able to try new things and step outside our comfort zone doing something I may never get a chance to do again."



  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior 
  • Sending School: Jackson Hole Community School
  • Hometown: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Interests: Skiing, lacrosse, free-diving

"The Island School is best place on earth. This place will teach you more than you ever knew before about the world as well as yourself. You will make so many lifelong friends and connections that you will carry with you forever. It will also be one of the only times you will think, "I can't wait for School tomorrow." I loved the amazing community at The Island School and how much you were challenged every day, mentally and physically."



  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Sophomore
  • Sending School: The Lawrenceville School
  • Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Interests: Mock trial, running, scuba diving

"I love scuba diving. From the first time I took an underwater breath, I was hooked. Being able to go and see an entirely different side of this place and to be able to take that gift where you go is pretty amazing. However, I think the greatest thing The Island School helped me do was to get over my fears. By the very nature of the environment and the school, you are going to be challenged. The Island School will challenge you but it will also teach you about yourself. The people, the place; they come together to make something quite special. My greatest takeaway from my experience wouldn't necessarily be having the courage to attempt challenges, but to not have the fear of failing."

Lizzy Reed.jpg


  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Hanover High School
  • Hometown: Hanover, NH
  • Interests: Soccer, ski jumping, work

"I went to The Island School because I was looking for something different. I wanted an adventure, a new style of learning, and to try out a new lifestyle. All of this I found at The Island School (and so much more!). My favorite part was the people. You get to form strong connections not just with the other students but with teachers, researchers, interns, and everyone on campus. The students and teachers are doing everything together - morning exercise, classes, meals. You get to know people who you normally wouldn't cross paths with at home and that is special."



  • Semester: Spring 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Sending School: Noble and Greenough School
  • Hometown: Lincoln, MA
  • Interests: Cross-country, lacrosse, singing, guitar

"I attended The Island School to get away from the rapid pace and competitive environment of high school, to learn in the real world, to challenge myself and to make lasting friendships. My biggest takeaway from my Island School experience is my own sense of self-awareness - knowing what makes me happy, what I am capable of, and I now know I can do anything I set my mind to."

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