We believe that the best people to tell you about our program are those who have lived it for themselves! As ambassadors, the students below represent the core of The Island School’s ideals; leadership, curiosity, sustainability and community. They are excited about the prospect of talking with you about their experience applying to The Island School, attending, and coming home. We truly believe that the success of our program is represented through our passionate alumni.

Below are a few of our 2016 - 2017 students, with information about who they are, where they come from, and what they have to say about their experience at The Island School. We hope you see a student on this list that reminds you of yourself. If you would like to speak with an ambassador, please submit the form at the bottom of this page with your name, contact information, and who you would like to speak with. The ambassador will reach out to you shortly after!

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  • Semester: Fall 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
  • Interests: Lacrosse, field hockey, a'cappella, Environmental Action Club, Energy and Climate Scholar Program

"The experience will be more than anything you could have imagined or hoped for because there is so much growth and learning that takes place in and out of the classroom. There is a beautiful sense of community among that size of a student-body, faculty and staff. There’s such an underlying feeling of energy and motivation that is cultivated by the supportive community and encouraging faculty, You’ll learn more about yourself, who you are as a learner, and what you value in other people more than you’d ever hoped or planned."



  • Semester: Fall 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: Londonderry, Vermont
  • Interests: Skiing, hiking, swimming and snorkeling

"At the Island School, I learned not only what I am able to accomplish but that I alone have the means to do it. The unconventional education style at the Island School showed me that learning isn't found only in the four walls of a classroom but in each and every experience that you have. My experience at the Island School has been one of, if not the best experiences of my life and without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today."



  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Interests: Rowing, yoga, hiking, free diving, SCUBA diving

"If you’re like me and can’t stop thinking about the ocean, or if you’ve never set foot in salty water, every single person grows and gains so much more than I could ever have imagined. It affects me to this day, and I know it will for the rest of my life. There was such a huge range of experiences and interests, from students who could barely swim efficiently (like myself) to avid water polo players, surfers to Midwesterners, rescue divers to people not yet certified upon arrival, and one of the things that made us grow the most was our differences and the range of challenges that each person faced, different between every one of my classmates."



  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Interests: Skiing, collecting records, video games

"The people were my favorite part of The Island School. Whether I was sitting in the classroom, crammed in a van driving down Eleuthera, or kayaking in the middle of the ocean, I was always surrounded by a group of best friends. Deciding to go to The Island School would be the best decision you'll ever make because your time on Eleuthera would be the best time of your life. I took away a sense of exploration that I did not know I had before. I took advantage of all my exploration time at The Island School, and now, when I have the time, I try to do some exploring with my friends."



  • Semester: Fall 2016
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: South Hamilton, Massachusetts
  • Interests: Hockey, soccer, lacrosse

"My favorite part about the Island School was how it showed me the potential that I have to be a truly outstanding person. Personally, before I went to the Island School, I was a complete and utter “momma’s boy.” I had never spent more than one day away from home, and would often say “no” to fun and new experiences because I was afraid of being uncomfortable. At the Island School, I learned that my capabilities are much more far-reaching than I had ever previously imagined. I learned that I could do things as simple as spending the night while being thousands of miles away from home, to being completely alone on a beach for 48 hours, as well as swimming 4 miles. I was able to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, and as a result I learned things about myself that I never realized could be possible."



  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Lawrenceville, New Jersey
  • Interests: Ropes courses, SCUBA diving, peer advisor, photography

"I attended The Island School because I wanted to challenge myself both mentally and physically.  I wanted to escape monotonous routines of normal school and experience place based learning. All of the classes made me feel more connected to both the ocean and to Eleuthera. My favorite part about The Island School was the sense of community in every aspect of life. The community of both faculty and my incredible friends meant that I could challenge myself by choice with an abundance of support from everyone. The support allowed me to gain more confidence in myself.

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  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: New Haven, CT
  • Interests: Alpine skiing, sailing, theater, SCUBA diving

"One aspect that I especially enjoyed at The Island School was the sense of leadership. Before attending, leadership was this abstract idea that floated around my life. I never really had the opportunity to lead a group of students during my high school career. But at the Island School, I absorbed every little opportunity to be a leader. It felt good, even natural, to be that cacique leading the tribe to conquer the day. And even if you’re not the out-going, stereotypical leader in your head, you lead in other ways. There are infinite opportunities to lead not only peers, but teachers and adults at the Island School"



  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Junior
  • Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Interests: Soccer, squash, piano, guitar, singing

"My favorite part about The Island School was the lifestyle. Where else in the world do you get to wake up in a room with all of your best friends, jump in the ocean and swim two miles as the sun rises above you? You eat authentic Bahamian food throughout the day and go to classes where instead of sitting in stuffy classrooms with harsh lighting, memorizing lines from textbooks to try to gain information, you are listening to a lecture on coral reefs and then you are out on dive boats, struggling to put on scuba gear, and immersing yourself on the reef for science class. And when classes are finished, there is time set aside to go explore and find adventure with your best friends. It's fun, it's challenging, it's exciting, it's exhausting, but it's the best way to live and get the most out of every single day."



  • Semester: Spring 2017
  • Attended as a: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Darien, CT
  • Interests: Guitar, a'cappella, obtaining a pilot's liscense

"One of my biggest takeaways from the Island School was this: the quest for a sense of place and a sense of self is one of the most important to humanity today. Being able to connect to your environment on a deep, personal level gave me a powerful connection to the school and the island itself. Knowing a place's history, understanding the systems that support it, being well-versed in its wildlife and scientific background, and learning how to live responsibly in a place are lessons I value greatly. In that process of developing a sense of place, you tend to develop a sense of self. You will understand your strengths, your insecurities, your passions, what and who you love. Essentially, you discover who you are with crystal clarity. The Island School guided me through those journeys in a way nowhere else could. I look at the world with a fresh set of eyes, and I think that if the whole planet could see their place and themselves like that, the world would be in much better shape. So, I implore you to depart on that journey so you come back a stronger, happier, better person."

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