A pivotal experience, thoughtfully introducing me to the idea of independence, in its many forms.
Nick Del Vecchio F'02


IS remains as the singular defining adventure of my life; it has made me me. 
- Griffin Hunt F'11


It's an attitude and an appreciation that is with you in all life's endeavors.
- Stuart Naeny F'04


One of my favorite things about Island School is that I continue to find meaning and understanding about myself, others, and the natural world by reflecting on experiences I had during my semester nearly three years ago. 
Katie Johnson S'11


Island School - where you learn to turn 'I can't' into 'I did'. 
- Adriana Misoul S'06


A place promoting positive change to its students, who in turn positively change our world. 
- Noelle Cooper F'04


It challenges everything you thought you knew about community and the earth - for the better. 
- Stephanie Chaston F'05


Island School is where the improbable becomes possible and the extraordinary becomes ordinary. 
- Robbie Balloch S'12


Leaving technology behind, appreciating a new community, learning with my hands and feet. 
- Anika Ayyar F'11


A new perspective of what community means and a redirection of life's real priorities.
- Jennifer Boone Purviance S'03