Less is more. The emphasis is on understanding and applying
ideas and skills rather than covering content.


Students are active participants in the learning process.
The classroom is a true seminar where everyone is sharing
information. The teacher is the facilitator and guide, not the
omniscient lecturer.


The learning process is accelerated when students are
pushed outside of their comfort zones.
Challenge begets positive growth.


A focus for all disciplines is connection to place.
Students must be immersed in the environment
and challenged to articulate what they sense.


The academic work has real world application.
There is an actual job to be done that raises the bar
beyond the quest for a final grade.


Assessment is an ongoing process, allowing time for
revision and clear explanation of expectations. The
skill-based assessment process transcends disciplines
and fosters a more in-depth learning journey.


There must be time for digestion and reflection.


The teacher can and should be prepared to participate
in assignments and provide models and rubrics.


The classroom must be an open arena where students
feel safe challenging ideas, where there is consistent
faculty peer review. The classroom door is always open.