The Island School offers a transformative educational semester and summer term in Eleuthera, The Bahamas.

High school sophomores and juniors from around the world join our community to learn outside the walls of a classroom. With the campus and surrounding ocean as our laboratory and with help from our partners at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, we teach students how to live sustainably in the twenty-first century. All while earning high school credit. Together, we engage in the process of inquiry in order to discover solutions to real world problems.

We explore the framework of Eleuthera’s cultural and environmental landscape through:

The Island School experience culminates in the beginning of a lifelong educational journey, with more self-confident students leaving as engaged global citizens, empowered to be active leaders of their generation.


The Island School has a tradition of being at the front edge of education—since our first semester we have been committed to a progressive view of education that challenges students to work collaboratively, live responsibly, develop confidence, and approach tough problems with critical awareness and genuine resiliency.

We know that our hands-on integrated approach to learning is absolutely transferable to non-marine environments. The key lies in authenticity. Our current students and alumni are the living data set proving true our founding premise that when faced with real world problems and challenges, young people respond by tapping into their deepest reservoirs of resourcefulness, strength, and goodwill.

By challenging students to do college-level marine biology research in conjunction with research scientists, The Island School continues to push forward concepts about what optimum learning in high school can look like. We measure our success not by test scores or GPAs but by the good work that our students do in the world.

-Chris and Pam Maxey, Co-Founders